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Here you will find the information that you need to promote your product on SolveMyHow.

Introduction To SolveMyHow :


I'm Piyush Golani - A man behind SolveMyHow.

Well SolveMyHow was founded on March 1, 2014. It was founded with a goal and a aim to Solve each and every query related to blogging and SEO.

The main goal of SolveMyHow is sharing because we believe "Sharing is Sexy". So just,

So far SolveMyHow has provided the best sources and ways to make money online with blogs.

More over SolveMyHow has published 200+ Tech articles so far, which covers topics such as Blogging, SEO and Make money online.

Traffic Stats :

SolveMyHow is getting popular day by day and its traffic is increasing as we produce high quality reviews and tutorials.

Monthly Impressions :

350,000+ Approx (Monthly)
12,500+   Approx (Daily)

DA : 23
PA  : 31

Note : 85% traffic is organic i.e from search engines like Google and Bing.

Our Reach On Social Networking Sites :

We have huge targeted public on social media sites. More over the one who doesn't have Facebook, Twitter and Google plus account these days are losing so much targeted traffic.

I focus on SMO (social media optimization) a lot to get targeted public for my products I'm referring. 

Here are some stats of profiles we are having on some huge social media platforms :

Facebook Page : 1800+ Likes
(Total reach is 80,000+ people on facebook which includes communities and groups)

Twitter :- 300+

Google Plus :- 550+ Followers
(Total reach is around 100,000+ people which includes communities and groups)

Advertisement Opportunities : 

At SolveMyHow, you will get a chance to showcase you product/services in multiple ways. 

Not only this our advertisement guidelines ensure that our readers get pleasure experience while reading stuffs on SolveMyHow. 

So for that, we make sure to show only high quality limited ads only.

With our advertisers partners like Infolinks, Hostgator, ContentPPC, SEMrush, TeslaThemes, Grammerly, etc trusting us - You are ensured that you're at the right place to acquire more leads.

We are looking for long-term partnerships with businesses who are committed to delivering high quality services or products that are user specific.

Here are the available advertising opportunities with SolveMyHow.

Depending upon your own marketing strategy and need you can pick or create your own custom banner.

1) Sponsored Posts :

Sponsored or paid post is one of the specialty of SolveMyHow. We not only write a detailed review of your product but also promote it on our social media sites which has total reach of 200,000+.

Not only this, your product review will also be shared with our 16,000+ email subscribers.

Before accepting any product review firstly we check it thoroughly and if we feel sage then only we accept it.

Pricing :

SolveMyHow is a well known blog but still we charge less in the market and according to your budget. Our main goal is users should get something from this blog.

Price varies according to the advertisers product and services. To know more about price kindly drop us a mail with subject sponsored post.
Email : piyushgolani036@gmail.com

P.S You can also use our contact us page.

2) Banner Advertisement Opportunities :

Below Post Title : 1 slot Available.
Validity : 30 Days

Sidebar : (300*250) : 2 slots available
Validity : 30 Days

Pricing :

Please write us an email with your requirement. We promise you that we will tell you the price you can afford. 

Do you still have any query. Kindly shot me a direct mail at piyushgolani036@gmail.com


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