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Hello friends, Thank you for landing on [About SolveMyHow.com] page. Well here we'll talk about 2 things,
  • About SolveMyHow.com
  • About Piyush Golani (Founder of SolveMyHow.com)
  • About Kanchan Freelancer (kanchanfreelancer01@gmail.com) (Founder of SolveMyHow.com)

About SolveMyHow.com :-

SolveMyHow.com was founded on March 1, 2014 by Piyush Golani with a goal to provide each and every possible Information/Tutorial related to blogging for a newbie bloggers. The main goal and dream of SolveMyHow is to build a strong community of newbie bloggers. So, they can get A-Z information regarding blogging and can start there own successful blog. More over SolveMyHow is the place where you will find the answer of your blogging HOW's !

SolveMyHow.com Mission :-

SolveMyHow.com is constantly trying to give quality Posts/Articles/Tutorials to bloggers. So, a newbie blogger can start a blog and can get success in his blogging career. The mission of SolveMyHow is very clear, SolveMyHow is believing in quality and that's why our unique, detailed, point to point and step by step articles/posts/tutorials will help you to learn new things from here easily. So, you can be a Independent blogger in this blogging world.

This makes us different from others. We write articles/tutorials by keeping our readers in mind. We write according to your comfortness.

Blogging need proper guidance and proper resources to learn new things and concepts which results in good productivity and that's why we're providing the complete solution in our articles and trying to solve your HOW's via comments and E-mails too. 

The Basic Purpose of SolveMyHow is Sharing because we Believe "Sharing Is Sexy". So Just,


This blog covers many topics but mainly SolveMyHow.com focuses on,
    • Blogger                                        (a step by step guide in Blogger)
    • WordPress                                  (a step by step guide in WordPress)
    • Search Engine Optimization   (SEO Techniques to increase blog traffic)
    • Hacking                                       (Hacking Techniques)
    • Make Money Online                  (Best Money Making Tips)
    • Facebook                                     (Facebook Tips and Tricks)
    • Google                                          (Google Tips and Tricks)
    • Android                                       (Android Tips and Tricks)
    • IOS                                               (IOS Tips and Tricks)
    • Whatsapp                                   (Whatsapp latest hacks and tricks)
    • Tips and Tricks                           (Best Deals & Updates on Internet)
    • Top News                                     (Top News in Blogging World)
    • Fix Errors                                     (Fixing Errors mainly windows OS errors)
    • Coding                                          (Code related articles)
    • Windows                                      (Windows OS Tricks)
    • Webhosting                                 (Buy Webhosting with 45%+ discount)  
We suggest you to select your favorite category and bookmarked it. So, you won't miss anything from us. Because we are regularly updating by writing new articles in these categories.

About Piyush Golani (Founder of SolveMyHow.com) :-

Hello Friends, I'm Piyush Golani (man behind SolveMyHow) - a final year computer science student and a passionate over night blogger :P (Except its not holiday or my vacations). As due to my academics I'm getting time in night only.  I'm of 22 from Ahmedabad, India. 

Apart from blogging, I'm a open source technology lover and a theater artist. I'm very good in mime and played West Zonal Level (Youth Festival). I'm also contributing as Social Media Manager at Google Developers Group and Microsoft Student Associates at Microsoft.

I'm a internet geek and spent couple of hours to learn news things on internet and trying to take SolveMyHow.com to the next level. I always try to update SolveMyHow with new blogging recipes and the success of SolveMyHow.com won't be possible without your support.

Thank you very much for being a loyal reader and to love SolveMyHow. Hope you guys continue your support for SolveMyHow in the same manner as without you, SolveMyHow and Piyush Golani are incomplete.

Thank you very much for reading my thoughts. Do join with me on various social media's.

Let's Be In Touch :-) 


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