How to Find Industry Experts to Interview for Your Blog

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Interviewing experts is easier said than done. Tracking one down is just the beginning of your problems, then you must conduct the interview and wheedle out the useful information. This article should help you simplify the process.

Blogging didn’t exist a decade ago. The websites that we know and love today were not real yet. If you had told a student in the year 2,000 that they would need to write continual online content to keep their website up to date, they would look at you with a blank face and consider calling your doctor. Nowadays, an accurate, professionally researched, insightful blog is the stuff of internet legends. Without one, your business struggles to achieve relevance in the online marketplace. Here is how you can make your blog even more relevant to the Google bot by giving it what it really wants – an expert opinion.

What Experts Add to Your Site

Google bots love experts. They add value to your site because they enhance it with expert opinions. If you would like to promote affiliate links through your site so you can monetize it, the expert placed in the right blogs and linked to the right products will boost your sales and leads. Experts widen your sales funnel and provide a larger net for you to catch passing traffic. Best of all, they establish your brand as an expert in its field.

Subject matter experts increase customer loyalty by painting your brand as an expert. Marketing guru Neil Patel recommends using them on your site as a way of brand building.

How do you find Experts for your Blog?

There are diverse ways to find experts for your blog. Let’s look at the internet favourites.

1 – Order them Online

Like all the best goods and services, you can now order your own expert online. Sites like help connect bloggers, writers, SME owners, and online content managers, with the experts that they need to boost their brand. Ordering your expert online is quick and easy. You simply tell them what the issue is and what the interview questions are, then allow them to send you, their answers. You can conduct live interviews over video chat, or you can conduct telephone interviews. You could do them face to face if they are local to you.

2 – Network for Experts

If the experts you need are in the same line of work as you, then networking for experts is the next best option. This takes time, then there are the scheduling issues to resolve. Once you have an expert, though, you can rely on them for future information and even suggest mutual collaborations which are beneficial for all parties and businesses involved. Forbes have excellent tips on networking within your field and beyond.

3 – Advertise!

You already have a blog, therefor you already own a free advertising window into the world wide web. Instead of wasting the space, place an ad on your page looking for industry experts. You can advertise on Google or through Facebook for successful feedback. 


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