Top Career Paths For Aspiring Accountants

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Ambitioning towards a career as an accountant is definitely a great decision as forecasts suggest significant growth in demand within the finance industry. 

In addition to this, accountants are among those who receive high median incomes and the increasing demand means there will hardly be a shortage of exciting opportunities for you. 

However, once you have made the decision to pursue a career as an accountant, you will fast discover that the field is notably larger than most would assume. 

Therefore, you will not just have to make the decision to become an accountant, but you will also need to consider what type of accountant you want to be.

Obtaining Qualification Online

Before you start evaluating your career options as an accountant, it would be wise to consider obtaining an online qualification as online studies allow students to avoid overwhelming debt burdens usually associated with campus life. Maryville University is a good candidate choice as this online institution provides suitable accounting qualifications that will help you on the right path. 

However, it is always best to evaluate what online institutions have to offer students just as you would evaluate a traditional campus university or college. 

Once you have determined which online institution you will be applying to, you should then decide which type of accountant you want to be as this decision will affect your selection of qualifications. 

There are also tons of apps and software solutions available for students to ease your journey as a student. If you are somewhat unsure of your options, the following career paths will help you choose the perfect career in this field.

Public Accounting

A public accountant should showcase a CPA certification in order to land a job at a public accounting firm. 

These types of firms usually deal with providing auditing, consulting, tax, and other general accounting services for any number of clients depending on the size of the firm. 

Clients can also vary across several different types of sectors and therefore, some clients may include individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and even governments. 

Opting for a career path as a public accountant will help you gain diverse experience in the field as you will be preparing and reviewing financial statements in order to analyze budgets while also gaining experience with tax work as well as consulting and advice on a wide spectrum of financials.

Tax Accounting

Tax accountants focus on tax work, as the job title clearly explains. Focusing solely on tax-related financial issues means you will be considered a specialized accountant. 

You can expect to prepare quarterly and annual returns for local, federal, and even state enterprises and you will work with both companies and individuals.

Forensic Accounting

While the first two types of accounting careers may be more commonly known, forensic accounting is far less well-known in the field. 

Forensic accountants are tasked with investigating and examining the financial statements of companies and providing detailed analysis that can be used in legal cases and even criminal investigations for situations such as fraud and embezzlement.

Financial Accounting

As a financial accountant, you can expect to work for an organization or a business and prepare reports that detail and analyse fiscal performance for stockholders, taxing agencies, and creditors. These reports include profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets among others. You will essentially be a professional that functions externally from the company to benefit the financial situation of the company.

Managerial Accounting

Managerial accountants function in a similar manner to financial accountants, although, your main focus will be on internal stakeholders. Your tasks and responsibilities will include the preparation of reports for internal reviews, assisting businesses plan, craft budgets, and assist with the process of improving the performance of the business.

Financial Planning

Financial planners are also referred to as financial consultants and opting for this career path means you will be able to function as a sole proprietor or for a financial planning firm. Therefore, you can journey to a career as an independent financial consultant. 

Your responsibilities will include assisting individuals with their financials from creating budgets to assisting with investment choices and handeling taxes. Financial consultants are another well-known category of accountants that most of us are aware of.

Internal Auditing

Internal auditors are usually employed by large corporations to ensure resources are being utilized most efficiently. It will also be your responsibility to ensure the corporation you are employed at is compliant with any and all federal requirements and that funds are not being wasted or mismanaged. Internal auditing is a high paid professional and opportunities are ample for qualified professionals.


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