TrueMail Email Checker: Get Your Emails Verified In Seconds

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In the era of social media marketing, email marketing is the most effective strategy to reach the potential and targeted audience. 

Effective email marketing can convert prospects into final customers which leads you to generate sales. However, the execution of this strategy should be error-free lest it would cost you high in the long run.

Under email marketing, you need to maintain a mail list of the entire prospective group to which you need to reach. 

However, creating a mailing list by using email finders on LinkedIn or so is not enough for a successful marketing campaign as this could be full of spam emails, fake contacts and companies, etc. 

Continuing the campaign with such kind of list can downgrade your reputation due to lack of quality mails. Also, it can spoil your IP and you would not be able to reach those important contacts that want to receive your contact.

For this purpose, a tool known as TrueMail can prove to be the ideal choice. TrueMail verify the emails completely and keeps your mailing list healthy and free from fake contacts. There are some amazing highlights that TrueMail has which are discussed below:

Mass mail checker

The primary yet most impressive feature of TrueMail is the speedy procedure that it follows. It approves all the email records that are most important for you. For this, you just need to transfer the rundown of your mails with the tools and leave the work completed on it. 

It will browse each of your mail perfectly and will show you the outcome of each single email address. In this way, you will be able to look for those emails which are valid and can erase the invalid ones from your mailing list.

TrueMail chrome extension

The chrome extension feature of TrueMail makes it more convenient for the users. It will assist them in validating all their mails on the website directly on the module window. From there, they can see the mail status right ways. Let’s talk regarding its working procedure: The feature consequently imports the outcomes to your TrueMail record and from there you can download them. 

Moreover, it can be augmented either on the site or on the spreadsheet. You can discover all the substantial and fake mails through TrueMail. The fake and invalid emails will be disposed of by the tool and spare your time and money enormously. 

Integrations are possible!

This is yet another outstanding feature of TrueMail. It empowers you to make direct integration with the platforms and administrations of your preference such as registration forms, lead &contact forms, newsletter signup, and other mobile apps and CRM. 

Along with that, it has made it utmost convenient for you as you don’t have to transfer the records manually from that point. You can just set up incorporation with the CRM (customer relationship management) or the mailing platform that you use. 

Following that, you can import your complete mail list for the approval from that moment. After getting approved, you would be able to see the email status from the platform that you chose and integrated TrueMail with.

These are some of the astounding features of TrueMail that one should know properly before using the tool.

Advantages of TrueMail

Some of the advantages of TrueMail which are definitely commendable are:

1)    The tool is a real-time email checker that gives you real-time information and the status of every single mail. You can check whether the individual you are sending mail to is worthy of receiving your content or not.

2)    TrueMail eliminates the duplication of emails and thus makes the email marketing campaign more efficient. It makes sure that no mail has sent twice to any individual you are targeting. Duplication of mail can spoil your image in front of important clients and can cost you higher.

3)    TrueMail also works as a syntax checker and checks the entire computer programming prior to sending the mails of the list. The syntax check is really important to make the content error-free and proper. 

4)    The tool provides great API (application programming interface) and characterizes how different segments and frameworks can utilize it.

5)    It enables the user to integrate with other tools and services of their preferences and make the user experience amazing. Moreover, the procedure of combining the tool with other services is extremely simple.

6)    The human support system of TrueMail is outstanding and ensures 24X7 service support to its user. In case of any query, it resolves all the doubts of its users.

Principles of TrueMail

TrueMail follows various principles that make it an ideal choice for executing an efficient and effective email marketing campaign. Some of the principles of TrueMail are:

a)    Higher accuracy
TrueMail ensures the highest accuracy level in checking the mails. It only uses real-time multi-step verification and doesn’t use any historical data in the process. You will not find any discrepancy in the mass mail verification process and can fully trust the tool without having doubt. 

In case you feel doubtful in any of the features of the tool, you can pitch the human support system of the tool and make your mind clear.

b)    Low pricing
Truemail has one of the lowest pricing in the market. It starts at $7.00 and has a single plan that you can acquire.

c)    Data privacy
Truemail makes sure that all your uploaded data remains fully confidential and doesn’t let any unauthorized entity spy on it. The email verification site will never send the email addresses to anyone and the data is never resold in any case.

d)    Flexibility in the downloading process
You can download the results provided by TrueMail very easily. Moreover, no additional work on excel and spreadsheets is necessary.


So, this was all about the TrueMail tool you can look for before using the tool. Undoubtedly, all the amazing features can really benefit the user. The principles of Truemail are truly impressive and makes the whole marketing campaign gets perfectly executed.


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