How to generate traffic from Pinterest?

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Pinterest is a unique platform in its own rights. With over three million users every month Pinterest has lots of potential to drive dense traffic to your website. 

To the uninitiated, Pinterest is a visual search engine and the contents are put up as “pins” on Pinterest boards.

Let us take a look at some of the best practices that you can adhere to if you want to generate traffic for your website from Pinterest. In addition, you can buy Pinterest followers to build authority on Pinterest and gain trust of your profile visiotrs. 

A person having 10K followers has better chances to generate traffic from his pins then a person having 1K followers. This is basic human psychology, people tend to follow someone with huge following.

You can easily use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. See some of these well known facts:
·    A pinterest graphical pin is 10 times more attractive.
·    Every time you post on Pinterest you can drive up to 5 page visits and 9 pageviews
·    People can earn $1 from each pin using affiliate marketing.
·    A pin on Pinterest can be fetaured upto one week, this is longest span on any social meida platform.

Creating your profile:

The very first step will be to determine your niche and your targeted audience and customise your profile to align with your brand image. This is very crucial in maintaining your brand identity. 

You will need to make sure that your Pinterest boards look amazing as this will be very important for user engagement. Users generally steer away from irrelevant and incomplete boards. 

You will also need to verify your domain on Pinterest if you want to include links to your website on Pinterest.

Careful implementation of keywords in Pins:

Keywords are very important if you want to drive significant traffic from Pinterest to your website. 

Keywords basically search queries that the user types in the search bar. With careful optimisation of popular keywords into your pins, you will be able to pop up more often in search results.

Relevant Keywords in Your Board

The board you create on Pinterest should have relevant kewords, the title of the board is very important. Choose it very carefully. If the board’s name is relevant it will be shown on top in the feeds of people who are interested in the board like yours. 

You may also be fetaured by ointerest in the search results.  Example: Suppose you want to create board on marketing and want to reach business and individuals who wants to market their products and are looking for best strategy. 

In that case you should name your brand “Best marketing startegy on social media”

Board Feature Images:

Feature image is the first thing the user sees when searching for a board. You will need to make sure that the image that you put up is as descriptive as possible. Interesting images lead to more clicks which in turn generates traffic. 

Edit the images to include concise texts to give more context to the users. 

The size of the pin also matters. 

There are more vertical images on pinterest than horizontal images. Even mobile and tablet users will see pins on the screen in vertical direction so always use images that are tall. 

Is there any recommended size? Yes, the aspect ratio should be 2:3 or 4:5 for maximum benefit. eExample include 650x975.

Pin Scheduling:

Why wait for the right moment to post your pins, when you can have them posted automatically? 

Tailwind is a very simple but effective tool that can relieve your worries. Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins very easily and with just a click of a button. No more staying up all night to post your pin at the best time. Let Tailwind take care of it for you. You can try a free trial version before you buy.


There are several plugins that can be very easily integrated with the backend of your website. Plugins can be quite powerful as this will allow any user to pin your contents on their board very easily. This is a great way if you want to reach your audience.

Featured boards:

This is a great feature for those who want to showcase certain boards to their audience. When a board is selected to be featured, it will always pop up at the top of the list of boards. It is advised to add your best and most relevant boards as featured.  You should join a famous community board so that you can easily grow your followes on Pinterest. 

Once you start pinning to group board many world wide audience will see your pin. If your content is good and has some authority on Pinterest those people will follow you and see your pins.

Have Patience:

It is difficult to get repins and followers on Pinterest since it has matured a lot. You need to put lot of effort and time then only you can generate traffic from pinterest and it will help you a lot in earning good income.
Pinterest can be a great tool if you can figure out what makes it tick. Pinterest with its dense user base will a great ally if you are looking to generate traffic.


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