What Are Some Of The Best Photo Stick Mobiles available for iPhone

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The Photostick has risen up and earned its name and reputation to be one of the most sought after gadgets when it comes to backing up all your photos, videos, and any other files from your phone. 

It offers a fast and easy way to backup photos and videos at almost lightning speed. The Photo Stick is designed to save on memory safely and let you continue taking more memories with your phone without the fuss of getting the “storage is full” pop-up warning.

Using a photo stick will help reduce the worry of having less space on your phone and limiting the number of things you can have on it. Taking pictures and videos to save the precious moments of our lives has become a daily habit to most of us and having a way to never run out of space to do that can increase the joy of enjoying the moments even more.

So now we will look at the best the market has to offer when it comes to photo sticks, a way to save up on phone memory.

Some of the best photo stick mobile for iPhone may include, but not limited to:

1.    The Photostick Mobile 2.0 MEi certified

The Photostick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad is an easy and cheap method to back up pictures and videos on an Apple gadget and save up on space. It is available in the sizes:32 GB and 64 GB. With the accompanying downloadable app, the Photostick works like a charm.

The device will grab all the photos and videos saved on the phone with much ease and transfer them to a hard drive for safekeeping leaving you with more than enough space to add more to your gallery.

It comes with easy to follow instructions and if they’re not clear enough, you can contact the customer care who are more than willing to help you in any way. The Photo sticks mobile works on almost all the smartphones and is thus suitable for iPhone series 5 and newer. When ordering make sure to specify the one that is suitable for your operating system.

2.    HooToo iPhone Flash Drive

This device is available with a maximum user capacity of 128 GB. It has quite a  long lightning connector extension on one end which works with almost all the iPhone cases and on the other end is a 3.0 USB connector that transfers files at an amazing speed of 35MB per second for writing and 80MB per second for reading. It is certified by the Apple MFI as a quality and long-lasting product in the market of best iPhone photo sticks.

When connecting it for the first time you’ll be prompted to download a user-friendly app that is compatible and works together with the device. It also comes with guidelines and instructions which when followed properly makes for smooth sailing when using the device.

It is compatible with all iOS devices and also a windows PC. It can be used to transfer, backup and store almost all types of files and in a secure way by encrypting them to protect them enabling easy sharing. It is a light device making it very portable.

3.    RavPowr iOS Flash Drive

The RAVPower Flash Drive for iPhone works as a drive and doubles to a charging cable, making it a very versatile product. With its exquisite and flexible small design, it offers up to 64 GB worth of external storage with high transfer speeds for both write and read speeds.

The extended fast connectors are long and allow for use with most iPhone cases without having to remove the case and it’s also used for lightning charging of your mobile phones. It is Apple MFI certified for future-proofing. And with the secure encryption storage with fingerprint protection, it makes everything easy to share and backup files.

4.    SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

The useful companion iXpand Flash Drive allows you to free up space on your iPhone or iPad, by backing it all up from the drive. It has a lightning connector which is flexible that mostly works and  a Connector of USB 3.0 might plug into the Mac computer PC which you own, for fast and easy transfers. The drive also includes a password-protected software to secure your sensitive documents across your devices. With the iXpand Flash Drive you’ll always be ready to take more and more with the following qualities all in one:

• Fast to free up space.
•  Automatically Backup photos.
• Grants access to your files on the move anywhere.
• Compatible with all iPhone devices.
• Lightning-Speed Transfers.
•  Downloadable iXpand Mobile App to help with the transfer.

5.    Omars iPhone Flash Drive

Available in the sizes up to 128 GB, this device allows you to free and save memory on your iPhone instantly. It uses a high-speed USB 3.0 tech to enable for transfer of files much faster and on the go. It is supported by a  user-friendly “wit stick” app that supports nearly all file formats, allowing direct access of your saved files from the drive.

It is password protected and the added touch ID feature helps to secure the drive’s contents. The flash drive has a fast and easy one-touch backup feature to automatically back up your files. An added bonus is the exFAT feature which allows you to transfer files larger than 4GB at a go.

• Inclusive of an extended connector that is compatible with most iPhone cases.
• Safely secures files which can later be used at any moment and shared instantly
• The device is easily portable with its light feature and available in your choice of colors of grey, gold, rose gold or red


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