Mistakes You Should Avoid While Running Multiple Businesses

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Entrepreneurship is on the rise now but the latest trend is for entrepreneurs to start more than one business and many of them are succeeding to excel in both the businesses but running multiple businesses also means you will have to face multiple challenges and juggle between the different businesses.

Hence, if you are an entrepreneur bending towards running more than one business, then avoid the following mistakes.

Doing Everything on Your Own:

When you are already juggling between two businesses, then it makes no sense to do everything on your own as you will not have that much time to do every activity involved in the business hence start planning on taking help from others. 

Hire a team to work for you which will ease out your workload. 

Also, there are many activities involved in a business which could be outsourced to a firm which is an expert in that field, for example, digital marketing tasks like creating PPC campaigns and handling enterprise SEO may not be your company’s specialty but you can't even ignore marketing hence instead of hiring an entire team for it and paying salary, you can outsource the job.

Not Distributing Equal Time to Both Businesses:

Doing more than one business means you will have to give enough time to both businesses hence set a timer every day to make sure that you can give time to both. Sometimes one business may need more attention than another hence you can plan a need-based schedule distributing time for both businesses.

Not Writing Down Business Plans:

As you are not just doing one business hence you should start writing whatever you plan for each business as you may get confused and get things mixed up or forget a few important points.

Not Maintaining Work-Life Balance:

Handling multiple businesses means less personal time but that should never be the case. Do not sacrifice personal time to do multiple businesses as a balance of work-life is important to be maximum productive at work.
Starting a Second Business Before the First has Stabilized:

If you are keen on running two successful businesses, then do not start a new business before your first business stabilizes and gives a constant cash flow. Parallelly starting two businesses is a bad idea as the work in the initial stages is more hence first make sure one business is doing good and then start the new one.

Starting a Second Business Without Adequate Funds:

If you have not been able to collect enough funds for your new business, do not empty the funds of your first business. Wait for some time until you are able to collect enough funds. 

Using development funds of other business to start a new business may cause a loss to both your businesses.

While running more than one business is a great idea but first analyze the objective of starting an additional business, is it to make additional money or because your primary business is not doing well, and you need a backup plan. 

The reason may be anything but be sure that whatever business you start, it does not take a toll on the productivity of your existing business due to your attention diversion.


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