WriteMyPaperHub.com Review: Have Your Essays Written Online

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One of the rituals of college life is trying to find a way to cut corners on a massive essay. 


Students today are bombarded with essays in large measure because college administrators demand that course grades be based on formative assessments, and essays are the easiest way to meet that demand without running afoul of accessibility rules that can make audio and video projects more challenging for instructors to assign. 

Few professors look forward to having create multiple versions of an assignment to accommodate different learning styles, or having to grade many variant assignments, so the standard essay has become the default college assignment.

With so many students needing to write multiple essays every week, it’s no wonder that there is now a booming business in having essays written online to alleviate the burden of essay writing. While there are many sites to choose from, today we are going to look at WriteMyPaperHub.com, a site that promises to deliver high-quality essays affordably and with ease.

To evaluate this site, we submitted a test order using a standard college essay topic that real students write about every semester. We posed as a regular college student in order to get the real scoop about how WriteMyPaperHub.com does business.

The good news is that we were impressed by the ease of using the site and the intuitive way that orders are submitted. We even contacted the site’s customer service to discuss our order before placing it, and we were impressed that we were able to speak to a real person who was able to answer our questions in real time. Some sites only have voice mail or only accept email.

When placing our order, we were asked for a number of details about the assignment that could be used to better understand exactly what we wanted and to connect us to a writer with the right skills and expertise to complete the paper effectively. 

We discovered that the site uses only writers who hold advanced degrees in their field, such as PhDs and master’s degrees. This meant that the writer who wrote our paper had an expert’s understanding of our topic and the writing skills to produce top quality work that a writer with a lesser degree simply would not possess.

We were also pleased to learn that every writer is a native speaker of the English language. 

This is important because many online services farm out their writing to third world writers who produce papers cheaply but don’t always speak English the way a native speaker does. With native English speakers writing your paper, you know that the quality will be there every time.

We asked whether WriteMyPaperHub.com offered any guarantees that the paper we received will be original work. Fortunately, they do. 

The site promises that every paper will be completely original and plagiarism-free. They run every paper through a plagiarism checker to make sure that the paper is completely original, and we submitted the paper we received to a rigorous plagiarism check to make sure that it was every bit as original as promised. 

We were happy to discover that their promises panned out and our test paper was completely original. 

WriteMyPaperHub also offers a money-back guarantee and has a revision policy to help ensure that any problems that arise during the writing process can be dealt with swiftly so the customer is always satisfied.

The site itself seemed friendly and designed with students in mind. The site offered free bonuses, like its plagiarism checker, which students can use to evaluate their own work for plagiarism. The site’s cookie-cutter design and poor photoshopping of stock images can be a little off-putting, but the quality content makes up for what the site lacks in aesthetic appeal.

Overall, we found WriteMyPaperHub.com to be an effective and affordable service for providing high quality papers to students just like you. If our test paper is anything to judge by, when you buy essay online, you will receive a paper that isn’t just original but one that is also insightful. 

The sources used were appropriate for our topic, and each paragraph had a great connection back to the thesis, with a compelling opening and closing. Our test paper was well-written and we’re sure yours will be too.


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