How I Managed to Write My Essay Fast

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Writing an essay with a very tricky topic can be very challenging especially when the deadline is fast approaching. To get your essay off the ground and finished fast, you need to plan yourself.


Preparation is everything because it is not all about speed when it comes to getting something done faster. You also need to stick to the point and not pile on unnecessary content just to meet the word count. Below are a few professional tips that help me write my essay fast.

Time management is very important when it comes to writing an essay fast

The one thing that many people seem to forget when writing an essay is time. It is something that we take for granted thinking we have so much of it on our hands while in reality, we don't. When you are a student in college, you have to use the time you are given to write your essay very carefully. To get my essay written quickly, I made sure I didn't forget about this very important element and used it very wisely.

When I was tasked with writing an essay, I planned myself according to my deadline to write it fast. I spent half the time writing the main body, ¼ of the time structuring it and the other ¼ on the introduction and the conclusion. This is good time management and I still had plenty of time to spare on correcting any grammar mistakes.

Understand the essay question before you tackle it. This is a very important step because if one gets it wrong here and misunderstands the essay question, there is no point carrying on with the essay because they will fail the paper. If you have doubts about the questions or not sure, it is better to speak to your tutor and ask them to clear up any misunderstanding you might have.

Personally, when I was writing my essay, I made sure I understood the requirements of the essay questions and brainstormed very quickly. When answers started flowing in my head, I wrote them down and then picked the ones that fit the subject matter of the essay the best and began typing. If you do not give yourself a moment or two to understand the essay question, you will not get it done quickly.

Stick to the point when conducting research for a given topic

Books and most importantly, the internet has all the answers you need to get your essay done very quickly however, you have to filter through the many pages to find the ones you need. When I was doing some research for my essay topic, I made sure that I only looked at information that added substance to the subject I was writing about. I did not venture out and looked at things that were not part of the topic that was given to me by my tutor.

This is a complete waste of time as well as energy and should be avoided at all costs. My search was only focused on things I knew will be used in the essay. I had to remind myself that time is of the essence and I shouldn't spend the majority of it strictly on research while there was typing to be done as well. Keeping my research concise and brief was one of the ways I made sure that my essay was finished fast.

Key sentences should be written first before the rest of the paragraph is finished

Sentences are the set of words that brings an essay together. These need to be well structured and polished for a student to get a good grade on their essay. When writing the outline of my essay, I made it a point to write key sentences first because I used them as the blueprints to let my points on the topic shine.

I made them as precise and as strong as possible so that I don't have to go back to them to edit any grammar errors. Getting it right in the first attempt is very important if you want to finish your essay very quickly. This saved me time and allow me to focus on other things on the essay like formatting and editing as my sentences were already strong.

Write a strong conclusion and introduction straight off the bar.

The conclusion and the introduction can be brain busters for anyone because one shares the final thoughts of the essay while the other sets the tone of the essay. 

I focused on these two last whole making sure that my conclusion summarised all my findings while my introduction provided a good opening statement linked to the main body. I made sure that they are strong from the off because chopping and changing them a lot is time-consuming.

In this article, I have shared a few tips and tricks of my own that will help anyone write a good quality essay very quickly. I had to make sure that I planned myself very well while sticking to the time that was allocated to me to finish the essay. 

My research was straight to the point, my sentences were strong and I gave myself enough time to correct any grammar mistakes. Practice makes perfect and the more you write essays and follow the tips above, the better you will become.


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