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Today, every fan have an opportunity to discover the football scores. It is enough to choose the reliable and verified resource where you will find a wide coverage of events, as well as a schedule of upcoming matches.

The upcoming season will be very interesting for fans of the English Premier League. If the names of the contenders for the title are more or less known, then there are also quite a few teams which you do not know what to expect from. 

One of them is Manchester United. The goal of the Red Devils is a place in the Champions League zone, but they have been too unstable lately.


As a result, football score of any MU match rarely pleases the fans. On the one hand, the appointment of Solskjaer at the coaching position will obviously help to cheer the team up, but on the other hand, April-May were a complete failure, and this concerned not only the domestic championship, but also the international stage.

Premier league standings for Manchester United

The upcoming season will be very important for the team, because another year without the Champions League will be a serious blow to the team’s ambitions. It is still unclear what kind of football Solskjaer will play and how exactly this will affect the premier league standings.

The team obviously needs to strengthen its lines, each of them. The defense especially needs it, because it is extremely difficult to claim a place in the top-4 with such athletes. However, Manchester United have a lot of trump cards, which came in handy the previous season and should help the team succeed in the future, for example:

1.    High level of individual skills of the leaders. Often, such players as Pogba or Rashford can decide the fate of a match singlehandedly.
2.    Long bench.
3.    Lack of psychological pressure.

Obviously, no one will now force MU to fight for gold medals at any cost, because it is absolutely impossible. The team will need at least a few transfer windows to reach the level of Liverpool or Manchester City.

So far, the main goal of the club is to outrun the closest competitors - Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham. The previous season, the standings of Premier league were extremely packed, so any loss of points can cost very expensive, and at the final streak they will definitely help to finish at the desired position.

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