5 Latest smart Fastrack watches in 2019

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Owned by the renowned watchmaker Titan, Fastrack is one of the most well-known brands in the country. 

The brand mainly targets the younger generation and that is well-reflected in the designs and modern technology that it offers in all its products, and more specifically, to its range of quality watches.

The best thing about a fastrack watch is that it offers the perfect blend of quality and affordability. You get all the features that you can hope for in a high-end watch but the price point is much lower than many other top products in the market. 

There is a wide range of options in both men’s and women’s watches, and you are actually spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best from the rest. 

So, to help you take the decision of choosing that latest watch to add to your collection, here is a list of five smart Fastrack watches in the market in 2019.

1. Fastrack SWD90059PP05 Reflex 2.0 Unisex Smart Band Watch

This is another one of the high-end smart watches from the brand, which offers the right blend of functionality and style. There is no doubt regarding its accuracy when it comes to tracking activity. 

When calculated against the average of about 8,000 steps, data taken from Reflex 2.0 shows only about 5 percent deviation when compared with the step tracker of iPhone 7. 

Thus, you can be assured about the accuracy of the watch. Apart from being water resistant, this one also has features like calorie tracker, OLED display, SMS and call alerts, power reserve for ten days, camera control, vibration alarm, and sedentary reminder. 

It has the added advantage of being compatible with Android and IOS.

2. Fastrack SWD90064PP01 Reflex Wav Unisex Smart Band Watch

When you want to track your activity with precision, the Fastrack SWD90064PP01 Reflex Wav is your best bet. 

This watch, which is a part of the Reflex Wav collection of the brand, comes with the gesture control smart band. 

The rectangular, black OLED display is protected by tough acrylic glass and comes with features like weather updates, event reminder, sleep tracking, and alarm. 

It also lets you have absolute control over your music, calls, and camera. Furthermore, that black PU strap ups the cool quotient of the watch.

3. Fastrack 38045PP03 Trendies Digital Watch for Men

This fastrack watch is from the famous Trendies collection of the brand and it offers the perfect reflection of dynamic modern lifestyles. 

It can be an amazing addition to your collection of casual watches. The dial is enclosed in the 51 mm case, which offers suitable protection to it. Besides, the round, grey dial not only has a modern design but is also protected by an acrylic glass. 

It has an alarm and two sub-dials, along with four knobs and four screws at the sides. The grey silicon strap has been equipped with the buckle clasp for ensuring the right fit on your wrist. The water-resistant feature is an added advantage with this product.

4. Fastrack NG38022PP07C Tees Unisex Analog Watch

It is one of the fan favorites from the Tees collection of Fastrack, and, as the name suggests, this goes best with your V-neck tee shirts for a stylish look. 

It is operated by the quartz movement and has a round, grey dial, three plain hands, and a crown for adjusting the time. 

The adjustable buckle closure on the dark grey strap helps you to properly adjust the watch on your wrists. This one will look cool on both men and women thanks to its cool and trendy design. It comes with six months warranty and comes with the added attraction of being water resistant.

5. Fastrack 68010SM05 Tropical Waters Analog Watch for Women

A fastrack watch is always equated with style and functionality and this one offers the perfect combination of both. It is part of the Tropical Waters collection by Fastrack and the design of the product is all cool as its name sounds. 

This one is an apt inclusion to make sure that you stay updated with the latest trends in the market. The dial is protected by mineral glass and the turquoise round dial is inside the 36 mm case. 

The beautiful silver hue of the watch is sure to accentuate your look. Besides, it also has a push button on the clasp to make sure that it fits securely on your wrist.

These watches not just win their superior functionality and host of high-end features, but also offer enough durability and sturdiness to last you for years. 

Besides, the watches are designed in a manner that it does not feel too bulky on your wrists, unlike many other smart watches. Given the price point at which the Fastrack watches come with, these has to be your best bet when it comes to buying smart watches.


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