3 Mistakes You Want To Avoid With YouTube Influencer Marketing

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There are not many other options available that are more effective in the world of modern online marketing than YouTube influencer marketing. 

Youtube Influence Marketing

A campaign can bring in really good results with a minimal investment because of the main reason that the brand is taking advantage of a community that is established by the YouTuber.

Keep in mind that we are faced with a huge market that becomes available for the advertiser so it is normal for some mistakes to be done. 

A huge part of being prepared and bringing in really good results is to know what you should not do. 

Here are the really common mistakes marketers have to avoid.

Choosing The Wrong Influencer

There are countless options available but unfortunately, in many cases the marketer simply chooses the YouTube influencer based on how many views were gained in the past or how many subscribers exist. 

This is an incorrect approach. You need to make a very good choice and when you choose the wrong influencer, the entire campaign can backfire.

As an example, let us say that you are promoting a music service and that the YouTube influencer did say something bad in the past about something similar. 

If the influencer is only interested in money he can accept but the resulting campaign will be bad.

Not Analyzing Subscribers

The subscribers that we expect a YouTube influencer to have may not be what is present in reality. This is why analyzing subscriber demographics is very important for any marketing campaign. 

If the demographic stats do not actually mostly cover the intended target audience nothing good can come of the campaign. 

When you buy SEO links you carefully consider where they are placed as they have to be related. This also happens when choosing a YouTube Channel.

For instance, if the campaign would promote LEGO toys but most of the audience is very young and does not actually have any interest in LEGOs, results would be much lower than anticipated.

Not Properly Discussing Campaign Details 

YouTube influencers are actually really good at what they do and they understand much more about marketing than what people expect. 

Because of this it is a huge mistake not to discuss the campaign at length. The YouTuber may actually bring improvements since he/she is the best person to tell you exactly what the current audience likes and what is not at all appreciated.

Whenever the marketing campaign is set up it has to be flexible enough to make modifications based on what influencers are chosen. 

Also, modifications from one influencer to the next are always possible. For instance, a review done by one YouTube influencer may be just as effective as a simple product placement done by another influencer.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the truth is that it is much easier to get mediocre results through YouTube influencer marketing than really great results. 

It is really important to understand the market, the audience, the subscribers, the casual viewers and so much more. 

Setting up such a campaign should be seriously done and needs to take into account many different options in order to make the very best choices.

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