How to Build Traffic On An Established Blog (FAST)

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Getting started with a blog is hard, but that’s only the beginning.

build traffic on your blog

Once your blog has grown to a reasonable visitor level after 6-12 months, you’re dealing with a mature ranking position and stagnant web traffic. How do you get out of the rut to push your blog to new heights?

Here are some actionable suggestions on ways to boost an established blog.

Guest Posting Using Networking

Driving new visitors from other blogs in the same niche is key to growing traffic after the site has been online a year. At this point, your organic search traffic will have grown and then stabilized with Google. 

It’s necessary to give things a nudge by generating new quality backlinks to your blog with guest posts

This can boost the ranking of your existing posts to drive additional traffic to them.

You should be aiming for blogs that cover similar topics and likely have a symbiotic audience to your own. The idea is not just to get quality links, but also to interest their readers sufficiently that they click over from your bio to your own blog to read more.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent way to deliver paid traffic to your site. With an established blog, you should have enough revenue coming in to fund a PPC campaign. 

Target commercially-focused content that can deliver a real return on financial investment.

Creating a profitable online advertising campaign is notoriously difficult, which is why hiring an agency that has experience with pay-per-click advertising is the sensible way to go. 

The team at The Guerrilla Agency have the right set of tools to create, monitor, and deliver successful advertising campaigns for their clients. 

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting when done right gets the attention of fellow readers on another blog that publishes content around similar topics. Most people do blog commenting incorrectly. 

They use automated software to spam numerous generic comments, like, “This was a helpful post which was useful in many ways. I will implement the suggested changes today.”

Unfortunately, blog owners see these kinds of bland, non-specific comments and know a real person didn’t write them. 

Instead, read the blog post in full and create a comment that either adds insight beyond what was written about or extends the article with a couple of additional points. 

This way, it shows that you’ve put real effort into your comment and added value for their readers.

The anchor text in the commenter’s link may have either your name or your blog. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a “do follow" link or a “no follow” one. 

Both are clickable for people who liked your comment and felt that your blog was worth checking out as well. Better comments also encourage blog owners to offer a guest post to you without even having to ask!

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Most people stop blogging after the first few months before achieving success. Push your blog to the next level to make it viable long-term.

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