Why are LED Lights More Energy Efficient?

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LED lighting is known for its unmatched energy efficiency. 

The reason for this high efficiency is that these lights produce light in a different way than incandescent and fluorescent lights.

LED lights

LEDs can be as much 50% or even more efficient compared to fluorescent lights. 

Incandescent lighting cannot be compared with it at all. Find out why LEDs are so energy efficient compared to conventional lighting technologies.

How Efficient Can LEDs be?

LEDs consume 85% lesser amount of electric power compared to incandescent lights. 

On the other hand, they consume almost 50% lesser electricity against fluorescent lights. Lumens per watt is the measure of lighting efficiency, and currently LEDs have the highest Lumens per watt. 

For example, this product has among the highest Lumens per watt in its category.

How Light is Produced?

Incandescent lighting works by passing electric power through a filament. The filament is heated to temperatures where the electrons get excited to start emitting light. 

The result is that this technology causes loss of 90% electric power. Only 10% of the power consumed is converted into lighting, the rest into heat. 

LED lights generate light using a process known as electroluminescence. There are no filaments in use and there is only a tiny amount of heat produced. 

It uses semiconductors for generating light. The result is a far higher percentage of electricity is converted into lighting. 

Thus, LEDs produce light without wasting energy in creating the excess amount of heat. This also makes this lighting technology safer. 


Thus, there are many advantages of choosing these lights over conventional lighting systems. This includes the following:

  • Installing LED lights in your home and business place can help reduce electricity bills by huge margins. It can also reduce your carbon emissions
  • The much lower cost of maintenance and longer lifespan also makes this lighting technology much more affordable in the long term
  • The lighting technology encourages lower energy usage
  • Lesser heat produced also provides a higher level of safety

LED lights are not just energy efficient, they are also environmentally friendly.
There are many more advantages of choosing LED lights over fluorescent lights too. 

They don't create any ultraviolet radiations. 

They don't contain any mercury or lead content and can last for almost 5 times longer. LEDs can last for anything ranging from 30,000 hours to 100,000 hours. 

The number of years they can last can vary depending on how often you need to keep them on at your home or business place. Depending on daily usage, the lights can last from as low as 5 years to as long as 30 years.  

Incandescent lights don't last longer than 5000 hours. 

The maximum that fluorescent lights can last is 10000 hours. The reason why LEDs last so long is because they don't have any filaments or glass parts. 

The light is created when electrons move in the semiconductor and not from exciting electrons using very high temperatures. 

Types of LEDs

There are different types of LED lights that can be used in different areas and applications. This includes the following:

LED Bulbs: LED bulbs are available in low-watt and high-watt configurations for illuminating different areas. You can use them for lighting areas like rooms and hallways - wherever there is a need for lighting for long periods.

LED Tube Lights: LED tubes can replace fluorescent tubes for their longevity and higher energy efficiency. They can be used for lighting and motion detection systems.

Battens: LED batten lights create a more exotic look and are compact.

Down Lights: These LED lights are available in a wide range of types and shapes to address different needs.

Street Lights: LED street lights are available in the normal configuration and also as solar-powered LED street lights.   

You can also find LED lights as spot lights and candle lights. The technology is replacing conventional lighting systems in different areas and applications. 

Its energy efficiency, safety, and control factors mean more cost savings, safety, and less hassles.


So, this was all about why are LED lights more energy efficient. I hope you have enjoyed reading this complete guide on LED lights.

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