How to Customize Your Laptop for an Improved Gaming Experience

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While gaming PCs are far superior to gaming laptops, the latter does allow you to play games without being holed up in one location. 

With a laptop, you can head over to your friend’s house and have a LAN party, which isn’t practical with a desktop.

A desktop may be fully upgradeable, but you can also make some tweaks to a laptop.

Sure, you can’t technically make any significant upgrades; however, there are still ways to improve a laptop’s capabilities, especially if you have a flexible machine like a top performance MSI gaming laptop

You can add more upgrades in this laptop as you adjust your own gaming preferences.

Here are some examples on how you can customize your laptop and enhance your gaming experience.

Add More RAM

You may not be able to replace your laptop’s graphics card or processor, which are the main components responsible for most of your computer’s performance, but you can maximize how much physical memory (RAM) it can use.

First off, make sure you have a 64-bit operating system (i.e., Windows 10) on your laptop. Otherwise, if it’s just a 32-bit, you’ll only be able to typically use up to 4 gigabytes of RAM. A 64-bit OS, depending on which edition you’re using, can utilize 2 terabytes and beyond!

However, most gaming laptops typically need only 16 gigs. Even the latest models can only hold up to 64 gigs. Still, that’s a pretty considerable amount. That much will be enough to smoothen your gaming experience.

Upgrade Your OS

Like previously mentioned, a 64-bit OS is better than a 32-bit. Also mentioned, different 64-bit OSes vary in physical memory ceilings. For example, the Windows 10 Pro can hold way more RAM than the Home edition, performing better and faster.

Thus, knowing these things, you may want to install an efficient edition OS in your laptop. Aside from the added features and better security, you’ll have a more powerful machine at your fingertips.

Most gaming laptops in the market today come with the Windows 10 Home edition, so you will need to order the Pro version separately. Currently, Windows 10 Pro sells for $199.99. Steep, yes, but you’ll be able to get more performance out of your laptop.

Update Your Drivers

Drivers are software that handles how the physical components work in the system. Almost all devices’ drivers are pretty much inconsequential-all except for the graphics card.

Driver updates for graphics cards usually come with patches that boost performance and tweaks specific to a game, usually the latest releases but old games occasionally get updated too. 

So if you’re experiencing glitches or blue screens of death (or the rare red screens), check if the driver to your graphics card is updated.

If it isn’t, visit the website of the manufacturer of your graphics card and download their latest driver. That’s usually the go-to solution for graphics-related issues in games.

Keep your drivers up to date with their latest stable versions, which are the ones that have been fixed enough to run well without any bugs. Manufacturers typically label which of their latest drivers are stable.

Overclock Your Graphics Card

This last one may be complicated for beginners. Improperly overclocking your graphics card will ruin it, especially if you push it too much that it’ll generate more heat way beyond its safety threshold. So proceed with caution.

Components are initially set to run at a certain performance level to maintain how much heat they generate. However, their heat limits are typically large enough that they can be set to run faster than their factory settings. 

Most tech-savvy gamers only overclock their graphics card as it’s the only one that matters.

Do note that you will need a good cooling system to offset the additional heat produced by an overclocked graphics card; otherwise, the high temperature may damage the component.

Game On!

Now, after doing any or all of these customization options on your laptop, you’ll have a better gaming experience and get more fun out of your computer. You may even be able to run the latest games on ultra high settings. Check it out!


So, this was all about how to customize your laptop for an improved gaming experience.

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