Pokemon Go Quests 2018: Everything You Need To Know

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Nintendo's Pokemon Go has officially announced the Pokemon Go quests.

Pokemon Go Quests
Pokemon Go Quests

Do you want to know more about Pokemon Go quests?

In order to help SolveMyHow readers, I've analyzed this app and collected all the information you need to know about it.

I've prepared the detailed summary of what's new coming in Pokemon Go and the list is mentioned below.

I recommend you to bookmark this article, as I will keep updating Pokemon Go quest as soon as I come new things in it! 

So, make sure you don't miss any :)

Let us start...

Pokemon Go Quest Types:

Well, there are 2 types of quests in Pokemon Go.
  • Story Quests
  • Challenge Quests
 Quests are of two types,

A. One-off
B. Multipart (the series of quests)

...And quests can also be "hidden" behind below-mentioned requirements,
  • Level
  • Medal
  • Multipart quests

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Now let us see,

Quest Objectives:

Now, in addition to the "first catch" and "Pokestop", following 8 new quest objectives are added.
  • Catch the Pokemon
  • Spin a Pokemon
  • Hatch an egg
  • Walk buddy
  • Feed Pokemon
  • Win a gym battle
  • Level up a badge
  • Complete a raid battle

Quest Characters:

Quests are going to be associated with the in-game character.


Quest characters are not completed at this moment and only "professor Willow" is finished so far. That's why this has been mentioned the only quest character so far.


Quest might have following character expressions,
  • Happy
  • Upset

    Quest Attributes:

    This Pokemon Go quest has the following attributes in the code.
    • Reward and goal
    • seed and context
    • multipart
    • status
    • creation and completion time
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      Quest Templates:

      Quest templates are kept mysterious right now and they are combined with the seed and context attributes of the quest...

      ...And one thing you should know here, quests will be generated based on your template.

      Below-mentioned are the attributes of the template which can be modified/ used for generating quest,
      • Experience
      • Items
      • Pokemon encounter
      • Stardust
      • Candy
      • Quest
      • Avatar clothing


        So this was all about "Pokemon Go Quest". I hope I was able to clear all the things you need to know more about the quest.

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