Chatwatch App Allows Your Whatsapp Friends To SPY On You


Chatwatch app will let your Whatsapp friends to "SPY" on you.

Chatwatch Chatw

YES, It's true!

This creepy app has this functionality and we will know more about it in this post.

To be very clear, Chatwatch can tell you the online activity of your Whatsapp contacts.

Moreover, ChatW is available on Google play store for Android devices.

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What is Chatwatch and How it Can SPY on Whatsapp Contacts?

Whatsapp claims to be the world's most secure app as it does not allow other third-party apps like Facebook.


WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption for chats may not be safe anymore!

A new Android app called "Chatwatch" creepily allows you to SPY on your Whatsapp contacts.

This app will tell you at what time you contacts are coming ONLINE on Whatsapp, it will also tell you how often your friends are using Whatsapp app.

Moreover, it will also let you know at what time your Whatsapp friends are going to bed.

This is firstly reported by Lifehacker.

Chatwatch stores your friends online/ offline status and it will tell you whether your contacts are ready to talk to you or not.

Its most creepy feature (which might be useful to some) is, it can also monitor 2 person's Whatsapp activity.

So, you can select your 2 friends and Chatwatch app will tell you, whether they are chatting/ talking or not. 

How often they come online on Whatsapp OR how often they are online at the same time and much more.

You can enter any mobile number on Chatwatch and it will tell the entire Whatsapp history of that number.

Like, at what time they are coming online and at what time they are most active. 

In short, they will show the entire online history of your friends.

Chatwatch is available on Google play store for Android users as ChatW app.

However, the user has to buy the subscription plan to use this app. The 2 user monitoring plan starts at 140 INR /month, which let you monitor 2 Whatsapp numbers per week.

But if you WANT to SPY more Whatsapp numbers, then you can switch to higher subscription plan which is 1300 INR/ month and it will allow you to monitor up to 10 mobile numbers.

Chatwatch was also available for iOS/ iPhone users but it later pulled off from the App store as Apple is pretty strict about these things.

However, Chatwatch developers have confirmed that they are working on the WEB based version as well.

Recently, Facebook was facing "data breach" issue and Whatsapp is also owned by Facebook only.

Lots of people have uninstalled Facebook after "Facebook Cambridge Analytica" incident. 

What you think about Whatsapp?

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So, this was all about Chatwatch app: How it will help you to SPY on your Whatsapp friends or how it is helping your Whatsapp friends to SPY on you.

This is the very creepy app and Whatsapp should definitely take some strict action against it.

What you think?

Are you in favor of this app? OR You are against this app?

Do let me know your views for this app, in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts on it :)

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