How To DELETE Netflix History (Fast)

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Do you watch Netflix a lot?

So, you do know Netflix shows the history of TV series and movies, you had watched in the past!

how to delete Netflix history

But as you might be using one common Netflix account, you don't want others to see what are you watching and that's why you might want to delete Netflix history.

Nothing wrong with that...!

So, in this post, I will show you how to delete Netflix history and Netflix recently watched movies and TV series.

There is one simple way to remove your unwanted viewing activity from Netflix account.

Your recently watched activity does not just appear in the Netflix history but it will also be shown to you in various places such as "continue watching", as shown in below screenshot.

how to delete Netflix history

That's not all:

Netflix will also recommend you some more TV series and movies based on your Netflix history.

how to delete Netflix history

This is really a good feature but sometime you might not like the movie/TV series you watched and still getting the similar suggestion for that is quite painful...

...Or sometimes you just wanted to delete it, because others can't see what you had watched.

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So, now let us see,

How To Delete Netflix History:

To delete Netflix history, you have to open it in the browser. Even if you're using Netflix in Android/iOS mobile app, you have to use it on a mobile browser.

Because when it comes to managing profile it always redirected to browser and account setting can be opened from Netflix official website.

So, when you open it from Android mobile app it will open in chrome browser and if you're using iPhone, it will be opened in safari browser.

how to delete Netflix history

I recommend you to use it on the desktop for your ease.

So from your desktop, head over to and log in to your account.

Now, click on your profile name to open the drop-down and now click on "Your Account" to view your account settings.

how to delete Netflix history

Now scroll down to "My Profile" section and simply click on "Viewing activity".

how to delete Netflix history

Here, you will be able to see the complete list of your viewing activity. Now if you want to delete Netflix history, simply click on "X", which is on the right side of each item.

how to delete Netflix history

However, this list could be very huge if you're using Netflix for quite a long. But it won't show you confirmation whether you want to delete it from the history. So, this will make your task a bit quicker.

how to delete Netflix history

Now, simply go ahead and click on "X" to delete your Netflix history.

How To Delete Continue Watching On Netflix:

If you are wondering, how to delete continue watching on Netflix. Then the only way is...

...You will have to remove entire series from "My Activity Page".

It might take up to 24 hours to remove Netflix history from all your devices, wherever you use Netflix (PC, Android, iOS, iPad).

Generally, it won't take that long and the effect is very immediately but sometimes it may take some time to delete Netflix recently watched items.

Over To You:

So this was all about how to delete Netflix history fast. Now you know how to do that...

...And when you watch something that you don't want others to see. You can easily go ahead and delete it from history right away.

So it won't embarrass you and others as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this step-by-step tutorial. Do let me know if you are still facing any issue.

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