Apps Like MX Player: 10 Best Alternative Video Apps (2018)

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Apps like MX player are also best media player apps that one should definitely try once.

If you’re a smartphone user irrespective of Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. There isn't anybody who hasn't heard the name of MX Player.

Apps Like MX Player
Apps Like MX Player

But it is not the only popular video app... There are tons of apps like MX player which we will see in this post.

I'm a mx player user since 2011 and this makes me wonder aren't there any other apps like mx player which we can try in 2018?

I thought... 

....let's give it a try and then I researched mx player alternative apps and guess what I found?

not 1... not 2....But 10 apps like mx player 2018.


Before moving ahead, if you are a computer user. Now you can download MX player for PC. If you're android users you can definitely download latest mx player apk for android.

...And if you're facing any audio issues in your mx player. Then you can download mx player codec zip and apk file to fix these issues instantly.

Now lets quickly checkout the list of best mx player alternative apps 2018.

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Apps Like MX Player 2018 - 10 Best

MX Player Alternative Apps:

  • VLC Media Player
  • KM Player
  • MOBO Player
  • Video Player For Android
  • BS Player
  • Video Player Ultimate
  • Video Player HD
  • ALLPlayer Video Player
  • HD Video Player
  • Video Player Perfect (HD)

Note: All the 10 apps are available for Android, iPhone/iPad and windows phone. So you can download all these apps from official stores.

1. VLC Media Player:

VLC media player is best alternative video app for mx player. VLC is quite popular for PC but they have android, iPhone and windows app as well. If you haven't tried vlc player yet. 

You must give it a try!

Download VLC Media Player

2. KM Player:

KM is the second best alternative/apps like mx player. KM media player acquired position 2 in the list because of its huge popularity!

People are already using KM player in PC. But trust me mobile app doesn't disappoint you at all!

It has very neat, smooth and interactive browsing experience.

Download KM Player

3. MOBO Player

Just like VLC and KM video player. MOBO player is also one of the best and popular MX player alternative apps.

As of now, if you're not looking for an interactive interface and you just wanted the stable video player to watch videos. You can try your hands on MOBO player. 

4. Video Player For Android:

This video player is specially for android users only. It supports almost every available video format such as: 


and much more...

In this video player, you can play HD videos without any glitch.

This player has video and mp3 cutting features as well. So if you're looking for such combo player which can play HD videos and at the same time which can cut the video/mp3 files. You can try - Video player for Android.

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5. BS Player:

BS player is known for its user experience. You will feel very smooth and interactive video playing app. 

BS player is also known for playing a maximum number of videos files. 

Download it and you won't regret because the browsing experience is extremely great!

6. Video Player Ultimate:

If you're playing a lot of FLV files then you can skip all the other media player's and simply download video player ultimate.

7. Video Player HD:

Just like BS Player, Video Player HD supports all the file extensions. Moreover if you want subtitles and live stream you can download this video player right away.

It also comes with equalizers and presets features.

8. ALLPlayer Video Player:

This video player has quite advanced features/controls. So if you wanted to go one step forward. You can download this video player.

9. HD Video Player:

As the name suggest's HD video player is known for playing HD videos very smoothly.

So if you always watch HD videos and facing some issues with other media player. You can try HD video player.

10. Video Player Perfect (HD):

So there is nothing new in this video player. It also has all the common features as discussed in the above video players apps. The one things which make this video player differs from others is it supports live streaming.

Moreover, the interface is very detailed and that's why it is highly recommended.

So these were the 1o best mx player alternative apps.

Over To You:

So these were the 10 apps like mx player 2018. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

Which video player app you gonna try right away? Is it VLC, KM, MOBO or any other?

Do let me know in the comments below :)

You can ask me anything about above 10 media player apps in the comments below and I would love to answers your questions.

Please don't forget to share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. It really means a world to me :)


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