How to Launch Your Website Using a Theme

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In 2018 website-building opportunities are almost endless.
Comparing to what have been available some 10 years ago what we have right now is really mind-breaking. There’s literally a website-building method for every pocket, taste, and purpose.

All you have to do is to pick the right thing, pay some insignificant amount of cash, equaling to a couple of Lattee, or Frappuccino portions from your favorite Starbucks and finally build that thing.

What I’m about to share with you here, is a website-building method that requires not only some money to spend, but also some imagination applied, along with some tools that you probably have never heard about.

This method is so simple that even your granny will figure out how to use it, and how to succeed.

Here’s the list of basic things you will need to get this done:

Step 1: Your imagination CHECK

Step 2: Get a website template ALMOST CHECK

Step 3: Get a set of tools/resources: 

Step 4: How to customize your template? ALMOST CHECK

Step 1: Why would you need imagination here?

First of all to use the tool, it will give you a set of colors schemes that you can use for your future website. The best thing about it is that you can generate a color scheme from any photo you like.

For example, here’s a cat photo I took from uploaded it to colormind image section and received this nice and warm color scheme

color scheme

There you can generate as many color schemes as you need, don’t forget to note the hexes, otherwise, you may lose the scheme you like.

Your imagination is needed here to help you figure out if some color scheme will fit your website, or not.

I hope we’re done here let’s get to the next point AKA website template.

Step 2: Choosing a Website Template

Depending on what type of website you will need there may be a specific solution for it. Still, there’s a CMS for every wallet and occasion, that’s WordPress. If someday WordPress was a purely blogging platform, now it’s a robust solution that can power any possible website, be it a corporate portal, online store, video gallery, or anything else, WordPress can definitely do that.

Here I’ve made a point that you need to stick to WordPress. Now should you do it terms of its templates? The range of templates is extremely wide, and it may be a problem to choose something specific.

Let’s take a look at this situation from a viewpoint of a man having not much spare time to dedicate it to building a website from a template.

What things should this WordPress theme comprise?

  1. The name of the theme may contain the word “multipurpose”. This multipurpose thing provides will additional features you’ll be happy to discover later. Multipurpose themes are developed to fit any possible website, this means that on the basis of such template you can build a range of website starting from one-page CV, up to an online store that contains hundreds of products.
  2. The template should have sample data, this is a set of files that form the demo the way you see on the website of theme provider. Why is it important? Because you will not have to create some pages from a scratch, all you will have to do is to change some images and texts.
  3. Another thing is a page builder. You need to choose a theme that has one, it can be either Visual Composer, or Power Builder or Elementor Builder. VC is a robust solution that is target mainly on website developers, while the second two options are good for website owners. They are easy to use but have enough settings and modules to create awesome layouts.
  4. WooCommerce support. If someday you decide to build an online store, WooCommerce support will be a great addition to your theme.

Important! As a rule, none of these fours items affect the price of a template. Meaning that for $57-70 you can get a multipurpose WordPress theme that will contain all of these and even more.

Where to Get a Template?
Even though the choice of WordPress themes is extremely huge there’re not so many places online where you can get a nice theme.

TemplateMonster has been building WordPress themes practically since the moment WordPress appeared itself. These guys are the most proficient WordPress themes developers online, only Automatic can build a better WordPress than TM. But that’s not the case, I’ve tested numerous WordPress from dozens of WordPress themes providers and what I found here made me fall in love with their themes once and for all.

Reason #1. They have an onboarding system that installs and performs basic setup of the template.

Reason #2. Overall installation of the template, if you want to make it look just like on the demo, will take around 7 minutes, if you have a low internet speed this may take a little bit longer.

Reason #3. Lots of settings in Customize. They managed to group templates’ setting in a way that you won’t have to wander around the admin trying to find how to change the disposition of widgets in the footer. Go to Customize >> Footer and you’re there

Template Monster

Reason #4. There’s no Visual Composer. Among all WordPress page builder, VC is one of the most resource-intensive. If you decide to host your website on a low-price hosting, there VC couples with something like WooCommerce or revolution Slider will make your website suffer severe lack of resources.

Reason #5. Promos. TemplateMonster initiates promotional campaigns few times a month, this is why finding the right time to visit their marketplace you can get a WordPress theme with 30% discount. That’s a great money-saving opportunity.

Here’s a fun fact. Someday I came across an interview by David Brown, the CEO of TemplateMonster, where he told the story of the company, major milestones, and whatsoever, and there slipped an info about Envato, that when they just started they were an affiliate of TemplateMonster.

This fact made like: ”Oh, my God!

Let’s get back to their WordPress themes. As you may know, Envato is an open marketplace where any maker can sell their digital products since Envato is on everybody’s A-s list, they experience a huge flow of both fair and unfair developers who want to get a fast buck.

As a rule, this leads to situations like this: someone buys a product from a new seller, but it turns out that this product was stolen from another developer. How can this happen? Simply because the reviewing team doesn’t check digital product the way they are supposed to do it. I’m saying that if you want to get a hi-quality product at Envato marketplace you need to use only the best-sellers section. Few reasons why you need to opt for Envato marketplace.

Reason #1. Huge selection of templates. Due to the negligence of the review team, a lot of products are of a really low quality. Before making a purchase you need to check out discussion section of a specific product, search Envato’s forum, or google the name of the template trying to find if there are any bad reviews about the theme.

Reason #2. You can get a hosted solution at Envato marketplace. Choose a website type, pay from $4 up to $19 per month and get a range of services starting from a simple Envato’s website builder up to top theme from ThemeForest.

Step 3: Get a Set of Tools & Resources

When you’re going to build a website on your own you will need a set of tools that will ease this process, luckily there are dozens of free tools for every purpose. Here I’d like to share most essential ones that will come handy at any stage of the website-building process.

Free photos

Free graphics

Website copy

Design help


Step 4: How to Customize Your Template?

Assuming you already have a hosting account and a website template from TemplateMonster marketplace now I’ll show you how easily you can build a website on its basis.

Right after the purchase you will an archive that includes not only the template itself but the source files and sample data (it’s for those guys who prefer manual installation, we will not need it.)

As I already said the template can be completely installed in about 7 minutes, this is the template I have used for one of my recent projects - Jake Baker theme.

Right after you upload the template to your website’s admin it will appear under the themes section

Template Monster

Now you need to activate it.

After you’ve activated it, you will find following notification in your admin.

Template Monster

Hit Begin installing plugin and start your countdown after the plugin gets installed you will find another notification.

Template Monster

The blue button above initiates an onboarding system I’ve written about previously.

The first step of the process in the system checkup

Template Monster

Rights after it’s done, hit NEXT.

And Start Install on the next screen.

Template Monster

On the next screen you’ll be offered to install all the necessary plugins

Template Monster

Hit next. And after a few moments, when all plugins get installed you will see this screen where you need to append the sample data of a template to your website.

Template Monster

Please note! If you already have some content on your website you should not replace your content with sample data because it will be unusable.

After choosing the type of installation you will see this congratulations screen.

Template Monster

When you hit Customize your theme, you will be redirected to the Customizer where you can tune major elements of your website.

Template Monster

The Jack Baker theme has an Elementor page builder on board which makes building website layout really easy.
Template Monster

All you need to do is to pick a relevant section and drag it onto your layout.

Template Monster

In this theme, Elementor builder is coupled with the JetElements extension, which delivers 40 additional modules to your website.

Over to You

As you can see building a website is not a rocket science. With the right manual, set of tools and a template, you’ll be able to build an amazing website. As for bonus, you could check Free eBook about “What can go wrong when launching your website”. Good luck.

What can go wrong when launching your website

So this was all about how to launch your website using a theme. I hope you enjoyed reading this detailed guide on launching your brand new website using a theme.

Do let me know your feedback in the comments below.

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