10 Applications That Make Your Travel Complete

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Traveling is indeed fun and that level of thrill can be enhanced if you have all these applications in your device. These apps work too well and you do not need anyone else to help you out while traveling.

Starting from booking hotels to that of finding any particular destination and the way to reach it, you get everything ready into your device.

These applications work too well for an android platform and android weather app is certainly a must-use element for your travel plan. Do not miss adding it into your device for it would help you schedule your trip in the most hassle free manner.

Here are some travel apps that would make your travel complete:

1. WeatherBug

weather bug android app

It is the best free weather application that has been powered by the world's largest network comprising of professional weather stations. 

It helps users fetch the real time weather conditions, temperature, local pressure, humidity, UV index and more. It is known for offering the most accurate weather information. 

Doppler radar effect is an interesting feature of this app that helps the travelers get information about the precipitation range along with other such details.

2. Google Translate

google translate android app

When you are traveling to some unknown land and you are not aware of the local language of that particular place, you are more likely to face a lot of trouble in communication.

However, this app would surely troubleshoot your problem and help you translate the entered phrases or words into your desired language.

3. GasBuddy

gus buddy andriod app

While you are traveling into some cross country road, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the locations of the gas stations that come up along your route.

This app not only helps you provide the locations of the gas stations but also reports the gas prices so that you can decide where you would be filling up your tank.

4. Gate Guru

gate guru android app

This is an all in one app that helps you get all the required information regarding your flights. You may check your flight status, book tickets and fetch your rental cars.

5. Hipmunk

hipmunk android app

This is one of the best travel planning apps that answers all your booking queries as well as help you find the best hotels and flights available for your trip.

There is also an agony index that allows the users to keep a track of the flight duration and the number of stops.

6. Skyscanner

skyscanner android app

If you have been looking for domestic and international flights, Skyscanner would work as a magic element for you that would help you book your air tickets with all the details mentioned therein.

7. Waze

waze android app

Once you get stuck in the traffic, it will take all the fun out of your trip. However, you can be a spared of this frustration on the road to a certain extent if you have your device loaded with this app.

It offers real time traffic information and keeps you updated all the time.

8. TripIT

tripIT android app

It consolidates your travel schedule and makes it simpler. You can sync it to your device and link your email account while TripIt will build an organized itinerary of your hotel check-ins, flight times and more.

9. Glympse

glympse android app

This helps you keep a track of your location and ETA and allows you to configure your location sharing prospects.

10. Google Flights

google flights android app

It is an excellent app for prospective travelers and helps users find the best deals for both local as well as international flights. You can also filter your searches according to your own needs based on a variety of parameters.

Over To You:

So these are the top 10 best travel apps you must need while traveling. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Which is your favourite travelling app from the above list. Do let me know in the comments below. I would love to get your feedback.

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  1. From all this list I use Google Translate and Skyscanner. I need some more useful applications. Thanks.