5 Best No Wifi Games You Want To Play Today


Do you have a smartphone? Do you often feel bored?

Well not any more:

I’ve collected the list of best no wifi games 2017, that you can play in your free time.

No wifi games don’t requires any internet connection and you can enjoy playing games for free.

No data charges.

Games are the most favorable apps in the smartphone. In this post, I’ve collected the world’s best no wifi games that you can play for free in your free time.

No wifi games are also called best offline games/best offline android games.

So let’s quickly go through the list of best offline games 2017.

No Wifi Games 2017 - Complete List:


This is 2D runner game.

The game is set in the beautiful forest with full of residents.

But there is something wrong in the forest and you as one of the forest dweller has to find out what is wrong.

You will enjoy the obstacles and challenges you will get to face.

This is best wifi free games.

This game will allow you to play four players from a single device and you have to knock out your competition.

Download: 10 Million+
Ratings: 4.5
Game Size: 184 MB
Price: Free

Watch Badland Game Trailer:

2) Minecraft Pocket Edition:

Minecraft game is developed by Mojang.

This is an adventurous game and allow you to put your creativity on loose.

You can use block cubes and other such creative stuff to create your own virtual world. There is no limit of creativity.

So if you love creativity. This is the best games without wifi you want to download.

You can download Minecraft from playstore for free. It’s just 72 MB game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Game Trailer:

3) Shadow Fight 2:

If you’re action lover just like me and looking for games with no wifi. Then nothing can beat shadow fight 2.

You’ll fall in love with this game.

Do you still remember those kungfu movies?

Specially those super kicks and moves.

Then you will love playing shadow fight 2.

This is one of the best free games without wifi 2017.

Watch Shadow Fight 2 Game Trailer:

4) Infinite Loop:

No wifi games free is infinite loop. You can play this game for hours without losing interest.

You have to connect various curved shaped to create a complete shape with no breaks.

You will get more idea when you play this game. It’s just 4 MB game and you can download it for free from playstore.

5)  Asphalt 8 Airborne:

I saved best for last.

Have you heard Gameloft name?

I’m sure you must have.

Do you love cars?

If not, You will fall in love with cars after playing this game.

I’m sure you must have heard Asphalt 8 game name before. This game made people go crazy.

Asphalt 8 is the true combination of graphics, speed, and awesome cars.

You can do stunts or arcades everything in this game. The developers throw everything they can in this game and that’s why this is the best no wifi game / best offline android game 2017.

Watch Asphalt 8 Airborne Game Trailer:

These were the top 5 fun games without wifi. I hope you loved my no wifi games 2017 list :)

Over To You:

So this was all about no wifi games 2017 / best offline games android 2017.

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Which game is best no wifi game according to you and which you loved playing the most. Do let me know in the comments below. I always love to have feedback from you :)

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