Top 10 Must-Have Travel Apps For Holiday In 2017

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Why do you need a travel agent when you already have a smart phone along with yourself? 

When you are planning your trip, there are a lot of considerations that you need to make in order to omit the stresses of travel and help you gain a thrilling experience in return. 


Holiday is the best span of time when you can make out some time for yourself as well as your loved ones. 

Obviously, you would never want to make your vacation messed up just for the cause that you lacked some planning. 

You can make your flight booking, book hotels, restaurants, make reservations for sightseeing and move onto your favourite destinations, avail currency conversions and develop your linguistic skills when it comes to interaction in a foreign land. 

However, the weather is an essential attribute when it comes to making plans for a trip. Consequently, WeatherBug is a fantastic application when it comes to making your trip plans. 

This app lets you create your plans based on the weather circumstances around the location. You shall get a scope to either pre-pone or postpone your meetings and arrange your schedule according to the weather status of the place.

Here are ten astounding apps that will certainly make your holiday more appealing:

1. Sidekix


This app is considered as an urban route planner that enables users to find the best way in order to get somewhere. It is filled with some curated suggestions that let you choose the best directions based on your preferences and interests.

2. WeatherBug


It notifies users regarding the weather conditions of the place, without which your entire trip would have been ruined, turning it to be something no lesser than a mess. 

Doppler Radar effect is a special feature of this application which lets users track the range of precipitation and other weather updates in and around the location on the following dates.

3. Walc


Walc gives you directions and helps you plug in your destination spot based on some easy to spot landmarks. It avails a pocket mode feature that provides step by step directions over audio. 

All you need is to plug in your ear buds and then you shall not even be compelled to pull out your phone each time. 

4. AutoSlash


Since the rates of car rentals are fluctuating every day, it is never easy for a user to grab the cheapest price in the lot. 

However, this app asks you to input the reservation details and then tracks the rates for your dates. It also scouts competitor pricing that in turn includes coupons as well as discount codes. 

The lower prices would be notified to you by email so that you do not miss the deal.

5. Memrise


It helps you learn more about the culture and language of the destination. It is blended with absolute fun.

6. Geosure


It is a location sensitive personal security application that offers a safety score, thereby reflecting your political uprisings, health risks, environment threats as well as provides crowd-sourced information regarding all the assaults and thefts occurring in and around the location.

7. Mezi


This concierge app meant for personal shopping is ought to be kept on hand in case you need anything any time like booking hotel, concert tickets, flight or ordering flowers.

8. AirHelp


It lets you get paid for all your delayed, cancelled as well as overbooked flights. This application goes to help the disrupted travellers get the money back for their woes.

9. PlanChat


This app works amazing when it comes to group travel. Planchat helps the connected travellers to construct their own itineraries. 

This is a great platform wherein the users can add sightseeing ideas, restaurants and keep a track of their expenses. Here, you may also choose to add and share images and videos among the group members.



This app features concierge services where you can order food delivery, request a ride, plan activities and make your dinner reservations.

Therefore, you need to learn about the travel apps that would help any user create the best program when it comes to planning a tour.

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