Wrike Review 2017 - Project Management Software for Any Company

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Profit in any kind of business depends largely on the projects that company has and how efficiently they manage these projects.

Which is why there is always a need for the best web based project management software in the market since any company, big or small, has to invest money into managing the projects that they have brought to the company. You need to invest in work schedule maker to manage your team.

Hence, looking at the need for a time tracking software for project management, we at SolveMyHow.com decided to give you a review of one of the best project management tools online called WRIKE.

Wrike offers a great free project management app to manage all the projects that your company has and it’s flexible enough to be your online scheduling solution as well. 

So if your company is looking for task management software that can help you schedule all your deadlines and projects, then take a minute and look at this post so that you have an idea how the best-in-class Wrike project management software impresses you.

Let’s review this:

Overview :

Wrike is best when it comes to innovation for example it integrates emails with project management like anything. 

While everyone is uncomfortable and busy figuring ways to run away from emails, Wrike users are embracing it.

The following are all the features that Wrike is loaded with:

● Task management
● Interactive timeline (Gantt chart software)
● Discussion in tasks
● iPhone and Android apps
● Time tracking
● Recurrent tasks
● Task prioritization
● Email integration
● Google Docs, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box integration
● Workload Management

Wrike Benefits:

3-pane project view

It lets you view all your important data on one screen only, which further helps you to gain clear visibility into project operations.

The left pane allows you to see subtasks or move work across different projects. The middle one shows the list of tasks. And the last pane shows you the task details. 

All these panes can be seen on a single screen. You can prioritize tasks, monitor and control work progress by contacting your team members.

Tags and Folders

It helps you view and share project data.

It gives you the option to put an item in different folders without falling into chaos and getting duplication errors.

The important thing is that tasks can be placed in  multiple folders even though it stays as a single file, and all changes in task are reflected there.

Task and tools to track your individual and overall progress

The main thing which i like about Wrike is this solution helps you to break projects into small tasks and further, tasks into subtasks which makes  specific activities more easily manageable.

Each activity can be marked as complete, which gives you a good picture of all the remaining tasks.

Collaboration feature for creative teams

Many of the time MNCs or Local companies experience delays in the proper creative flow for their team.

Wrike will solve this problem for you because it gives you amazing features and a workflow to manage creativity. This further helps your marketing team in simplifying their workload.

A single request will be enough to trigger your creative journey, and manage task rapidly yet effectively.

Powerful Integrations

Wrike has powerful email integration, which allows you to create, edit or assign work directly without any chaos.

Secondly, you can use many Google provided tools like Drive, Docs, Sheets, even Google Apps to collaborate with your team in a powerful, easy, and effective manner.

Not only this, but Wrike functions flawlessly with many other apps like Dropbox, JIRA, MS Project, Zapier and many others that are important for business workflows.

Audit Reports

This tool is very important as helps to prevent the data breaches and any other malicious activity regarding the system.

The feature is adjusted to enterprise, it means if they feel right they can launch an audit report to examine the internal and as well external threats, and to protect their data from getting affected.

The tool is unaffected by the location, kind of work and type of people using it.

Details related to Wrike:

● Projects that can be active at a time: Unlimited
● Contract Agreement: Yearly/monthly
● No. of Users allowed for a project:   5 - Unlimited
● Free Trial Period:  30 days
● Basic Monthly Rate:  0-99$

Wrike Pricing plan for Enterprises and Small Businesses:

1) Wrike Free Plan:

(For small teams for sharing the task)

● Price : $o/month
● Users : 5
● Projects : Unlimited
● File Storage:  N/A

2) Wrike Professional (5-users) plan:

( For full project planning and collaboration)
● Price : $49/month
● Users : 5
● Projects : Unlimited
● File Storage :  From 5 Gb

3) Wrike Professional (10-users) plan:

● Price: $98/month (additional $9.80 for 5 more users)
● Users: 15
● Projects: Unlimited
● File Storage:  From 5 Gb

4) Wrike Business Plan:

(For Robust Work management with customization and exec reporting)
● Price: $24.80/month/user
● Users: 5-200
● Projects : Unlimited
● File Storage:  From 5 Gb

5) Wrike Enterprise plan:

(For comprehensive solutions with advance security & controls)
● Price: contact company
● Users: 5 - unlimited
● Projects: Unlimited
● File Storage:  from 50 Gb

For full details reading the pricing and the features included in the current plan, you can check from company’s official page Wrike.

Technical Details:

Devices Supported:

Web-based version

Customer types:

Large Enterprises

Pricing Model:

Quote- based
Annual Subscription


Cloud Hosted

Final Review:

The Pros:

❏ The features included are quite effective and unique
❏ Consumer satisfaction is always their first priority  
❏ Collaboration around the task is good.
❏ The services offered are affordable and are quite reliable.
❏ The support team is also good.
❏ Affordable pricing structure.
❏ Help portal is at its best when it comes to getting any help about the product.

The cons:

❏ Considerable learning time.

You have to study about the ins and outs of Wrike before building the project. Without having proper knowledge about the powerful features of Wrike, you won’t be able to make much difference in your team’s workload.

You can get any help from Wrike about their software from here.

Also, there is a daily webinar arranged so that you can get the full training about the software. So learning is something you do by yourself.

Final Verdict:

Wrike is the most trusted brand when it comes to Project Management Software.

It is used and  accepted by companies like Hootsuite, L'oreal Canada, Western Union, Fitbit, and many others.

So it is not a new player in the market it is well established and is also recommended by many blue chip companies.

So looking at all the qualities of Wrike we definitely recommended you to look at Wrike and use it to manage your projects better.

Over To You:

So this was all about wrike review 2017 - project management software for any company.

Its really worth trying tool.

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