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So the only thing that was missing for people was the way to watch tv shows online free.

What makes the TV serials so different from Movies is that inauspicious suspense that our mind builds due to the gap between the two episodes.

And also the time limit which is normally 30-60 minutes unlikely in movies which is normally a bit tedious.

And this might be the only reason for the success of biggies like Netflix and that market is now attracting Amazon, Star, Reliance and many other.

We are also we aware of the prizes that we have to pay to stream on the platforms like Netflix and Amazon and many others.

What if there is a way to stream to watch tv shows online free?

SolveMyHow.com totally understands today’s world. And it totally agrees the motto ‘ It’s always the money that matters the most’.

So again, to save much of pockets we will show you the best way to watch tv series online.

So, if you want to save your spendings that were before impossible. we have made it possible. Below there are 15 Best Websites To Watch TV Series Online For FREE.

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Watch Tv Series Online Free Full Episodes:

(Note: Since all the below mentioned sites are for streaming the Tv shows, so the need of faster and better connection is always there. But we guess it isn’t a big issue anymore, looking at today’s world. So better be sure you are in good connective range and have at least basic internet connection.)

We face lots of issues while watching tv shows online for eg. scamming during the signup, irritating pop-ups and much more.

So to find the list of sites which can give esteem results to the users to watch tv shows online free was challenging task for the team.

But we came up and came-up stronger and finally we are presenting you the list of Best Websites To Watch TV Series Online For FREE.

1. Fmovies


Fmovies gives a high-end experience to watch tv series online.  You can watch shows in high-quality even in ultra-high video quality.

The thing which makes it different from others is that it doesn’t annoy you by advertisement. 

The site has one more reason to cheer which is, you can even download movies/shows to watch it offline further.

The website has all the reason to be at the top place in the list of Websites To Watch TV Series Online.

2) Moviewatcher


It could be on the top spot if it doesn't have compulsion log-in system.
But let me tell it is one of the best websites to watch TV series online for FREE.

It is the best when it comes to sorting, watching and streaming. The UI is among best and free tv shows can be watched without any glitch.

The sorting is also to next level, you can either directly search for your favourite show or just sort them down on the basis of IMDB rating and even you can select according to user reviews-- as most popular show and most viewed show.

Even though the log-in is compulsory on this site but then also it is a must visit site to watch tv series online.

3) Cartoonhd


Cartoonhd is one such platform which completely believes in hurdle-free streaming experience.

The website won’t ask you for registration/signing-in.

Due to such reasons the user find himself freer and gets more appealing to website content.

The content of the website is widespread and users can also search for their favourite movies on the site only.

The popularity of the site can be known from its reach to its users.

And Cartoonhd has tremendous reach, the site even has its own streaming app available for download on both the platform Android and iOS.

The site has all the characteristics to become one of the best websites to stream tv series online.

4) Yesmovies

Yesmovies is another great platform to watch tv shows online free.

The great thing about the site is its content. You can search any new episode of particular series for eg. Game of Thrones to 1st episode of same, you can find’em all.

Searching your content is also easy, as on wall you can see the thumbnails of the variety of contents which makes the site a step ahead of others.

ADs are not frequent and content can be streamed without any hurdles.
All and all its great to try website to watch tv series online.

5) Seehd


Another amazing site to stream TV Series online and gives you a facility to Stream as well as instantly download TV shows and movies. 

There are two ways to explore this site, (i.e.) as a registered user and as a free user. 

Registered user gets all possible features from the site. But in the latest review, we found that they asking to login. You can WatchTVSeries after registering.  

6) TubePlus


The site has unique, simple and easy-to-use user interface.

You can watch all aired watch tv shows online free, the content of the site is also rich enough to satisfy your needs.

Alphabetically distribution of shows on the website can be seen, which makes the destination reach even more humorously easy.

The site is great to watch tv shows online and can be proved a competitive site to others.

7) WatchSeries

The site is for TV-Shows freaks, whatever it is whether it is old or it’s bold you can find ‘em here.

Watching experience is also good, and what make it even better is that it’s uninterruptable.

Many of video links are available to choose from to watch the particular video but we suggest you to use putlocker and sockshare because they are ‘ad free’.

Also, the quality of videos are better here, but you may experience a little delay while loading since they are hosted on different servers.

So the only thing required here is a little patience and you can get a sweet reward in the form of free tv shows online.   

8) KeckTv


KeckTV is another great site to watch tv shows online. Website’s main focus is only and only on TV Series and nothing else. 

The UI is a centre point of attraction of this website. The management of the site is superb, Airing-Now category is something that you can’t find everywhere.

The site is also stuffed with lots of amazing features like Airing-Now category, Trending and much more.

9) Shush


The website is quite simple yet to attractive.

The content on the site is also rich and is coupled with excellent video quality.
It can prove a great place to watch tv shows online free.

Even though the site isn’t completely ad free but all that can be neglected since it provides a great place to watch free tv shows online.

10) ProjectFreeTv

ProjectFreeTv is the website which tries to be different from others by making its site look different in terms of sorting and by adding some additional features.

All the TV series are alphabetically sorted here, the best part is that calendar section-where you can find yourself a little sorted and updated with latest Episodes aired.

No account/log-in is needed to watch tv series online.

11) Hotstar


Hotstar is premium video streaming platform launched by Star Group.

India based website was launched just before Cricket World Cup 2015, looking at the increasing India population on the internet. 

And after that, it has gained so much popularity among the Indian Youth specially that if they miss any of the show on TV they watch it on Hotstar.

The website also comes with the app-based platform on android and iOS.

The website is great to watch free tv shows.

The thing which makes Hotstar special for Indians is beyond streaming popular shows like Game of Thrones and other HBO series, it also streams popular Indian shows like Koffee With Karan and many others.

You can even stream live sports on Hotstar.

12) OVGuide


It is another great site where users can watch tv shows online.

The site has millions of users globally. With Tv shows, the site has many other things like viral videos, Free movies and that too from different categories. 

The site is quite user-friendly and also organizes the stuff (content) quite simply and easily which further results in discovering the particular content quite easily.

The site is also backed by additional services like App for Android and iOS users which takes users experience altogether to different level.

The site has a massive collection of over 500 Free TV series to watch from.

13) TubiTv Series


It is another great site to watch free tv shows online.  

The UI of the site is satisfying, the searching is also quite easy. Category-wise distribution is something which makes site cleaner looking.

Site also shows IMDB rating and also makes sure you are well aware of rating and reviews of particular web series.

14) TVMuse


TvMuse can be judged as underrated when it comes to watching free tv shows online.

The first look of UI is quite pleasing, we tried this site and were quite satisfied with the results.

Not only you can tv shows online but also you can watch upcoming movies/serials trailers and also movies are too included to stream.

You can check this site also if you are looking for some change.



TVFPlay is the name that has made the place into the heart of most of Indians now. The content of the site is so rich and only includes the shows made by them. 

They really work hard and you can see the content, which is quite fresh indeed.

The site is dedicated to original content which is created by TVF.

Indian web Series which are now so much popular among the Indians and especially among youth are Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Tripling etc. 

Must try this new and emerging site to watch tv shows online.

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Over To You:

So this was all about best websites to watch TV series online for free. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

These were the top 15 sites to watch tv series online free full episodes.

Which is your favourite website to watch tv series from the above list. Do let us know in the comments below :) 

We would love to have your feedback!

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