Best Free App to Protect Your Android


You’ve probably heard the motto “safety first” before.

While this certainly applies to many aspects of your everyday life, you may have never considered that it is a fact of life you should apply to your smartphone


A good soldier does not go into combat without the proper protection.

This is how you must make the comparison between sensitive information on your mobile devices and malicious hackers.

However, this is exactly why anti virus protection for mobile phones currently exists, and is used by hundreds of thousands of Android users each and every day.

Perhaps the only thing better than having an anti malware system on your phone to guard it against online threats, is getting the best app out there for absolutely free.

In the past, AVG has produced numerous antivirus softwares for PC, but now they are taking that same expertise and reputation and are adapting it towards our mobile devices.

As technology and society continue to evolve, so do the threats and dangers that revolve around us.

Hackers are becoming more and more efficient and finding more innovative ways to tap into your privacy and sensitive information.

There is never a better time than now for mobile applications such as AVG antivirus to emerge.

The free AVG protecting app is exactly what the title suggests – free.

It’s also the top-rated mobile antivirus application that’s currently on the market.

That’s because the app allows you to do a whole lot more than just scan your phone for viruses and remove them.

While this aspect of the app is, of course, crucial, AVG Antivirus does so much more. 

Some of the advanced services you can expect to encounter when you decide to try out this app for yourself include:

AVG Advanced Services:

· The availability of a password-protected encrypted vault in your phone, where you can store sensitive pictures and documents away from snoopers and other would-be intruders.

· Ability to kill processes that can slow down your fun ultimately helping your phone perform at it’s best.

· Several ways to protect important information like passwords and financial information by providing you with the ability to turn on your phone’s ringer if it’s stolen, the ability to lock your phone from a distance or to even completely wipe your SD card to keep data out of the wrong hands.

· The ability to optimize your battery life, storage and other details of your phone to make it run more smoothly and quickly than ever before, while generally boosting performance.

· The Each of these qualities serve to make using your smartphone more convenient than ever before, while always keeping your information and device safe, regardless of the time or place. 

The best part about the app is that it is free and easy to download. For more information visit AVG website and learn more about how antivirus software is right for you. 

There is an old saying, “you don't plan to fail, but rather fail to plan”, so go ahead and get AVG’s antivirus software for your Android ASAP!

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