Top 9 Defunct Technologies

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Every time a new gadget is invented, our hearts fall in love with it and we become addicted to it until it becomes a defunct technology and gets traded up for a fancier, updated model. Today, My Voucher Codes has gathered top 9 defunct technologies that were an important part of peoples’ lives back in their days.

defunct technologies

1. Floppy disk drive

How can we forget our handy, square shaped friend from the 1980s-90s? Individuals were dependent on floppy disk drives to store and share computer files until the arrival of USB.

2. Typewriter

A typewriter has its own old tech world charm. However, it did not allow users the luxury of editing documents or deleting mistakes. You would have to start all over again, did you make one tiny spelling mistake.

3. CRT Television

We have seen CRT television screens whilst growing up, before LCDs made their debut and the CRT television became obsolete. Composed of vacuum tubes, a minute electron gunshot pictures onto the television screen. Quite popular back in the day, households scrambled to get a hold of one! Maybe there is still one at your grandparents’ home!

4. Walkman, Cassette tapes and CD Player

The Walkman and CD Player were every music lover’s dream, as they allowed them to listen to music on the go. However, it become a defunct technology once Steve Jobs released the iPod and revolutionized the way music was marketed and sold. If you own a cassette tape, you can transfer it to your own computer.

5. Dial up Internet

We all remember the dissonant dial up audio sound as kids that we used to hear when we would try to connect to the internet. Offered to the public since the 1980s, it is still utilized in some remote and rural regions where broadband may not be available.

6. Videocassette Recorder

You may know the Videocassette Recorder as a VCR. It was the most common way to watch videocassette tapes and has now become an outdated technology, as DVDs have entered households.

7. Polaroid

Say cheese! Polaroid was a popular instant camera with self-developing film in its time. With the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, it has lost its appeal to the current generation.

8. Answering machine

The first answering machine was created in 1935 and joined the basket of consumer goods in the 1980s. They played a vital role in recording and storing messages until voice messages became part of our mobile phones.

9. Pagers

Every time someone wanted to get in touch, the pager would beep or chirp. This has become useless, as smartphones came with messaging capabilities.

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