(New Sites) Top 15 Best Torrent Sites Of 2018 (most popular)


We are the part of all new different world today.

The world where the business and entertainment are in reach of everyone and at every corner of the Earth.

And for sharing of entertainment the only word that comes into our mind is Torrent.

Since years the torrent websites have maintained their name whenever it comes amount of data to be shared over the Internet.

Now a days, it is possible to download any files like Game, Softwares, Movies, Tv shows etc. whether it is banned or pirated or even too costly to buy, you’ll get it for free on Torrent.

Today, Torrent has over 200 Million worldwide users which shows the beauty of Torrent but, at the same time it has also made the file sharing slow using this protocol.

So, it is always essential to know about the best torrent download sites to make the use of torrent in right way.

free best torrecntz2 sites for movies 2017

So, if you’ve ever overtimed to download particular thing or have ever faced difficulty while finding the particular content then this post is for you.

We have listed the 15 Best Torrent Sites Of 2017 (most popular) which you must use every time for downloading the torrent.

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So here is the list.

15 Top Best Torrent Sites 2017:

Note:  Torrents are nothing but the files with .torrent extension, and the download speed of it depends on Leechers, Seeders and Peers. 

But, when you download the torrent via Zbigz or Boxopus, the download speed will be maximum and won’t depend on above factors. So do try to download using  Zbigz and Boxopus.

And the speed of torrent is also dependent on the torrent engine that you are using, so the selection of the best torrent search engines is always important.

Lets check the list of free torrent sites for movies or best torrenting sites 2017.

#1) KickAss Torrent

KickAss is old yet most reliable when it comes to finding and downloading the content. KickAss is the new name and initially it was known as Kat.ph. Since after launch in 2008, this Torrent Site is kicking ass world wide. 

Although it is blocked in most of countries but as we know ‘piracy finds its way’  you can access this site in blocked locations by using Elite proxy servers, VPNs to unlock this best torrenting site.

It was discontinued for sometime but it is now back and is ready to rock again.
It can also be viewed easily from Kickass.

#2) ThePirateBay

It is top among the best torrent sites 2017.

Initially it begun for file sharing among the co-workers and with time it developed into largest directory for Computer Softwares, Musics, Movies and much more.

Being a piracy king, it also knows how to stop spam attacks on its users and that’s why it is SSL encrypted.

The site is best for downloading Mac software and I would also say it as Best torrent Sites for Mac software.

#3) Torrentz2

It is also one of the best torrenting sites when it comes to downloading the content.

This Torrent search engine works in similar way to Google!

Torrentz helps you to grab the desired torrent file, it will also provide you with related files related to your search with details like size, no. downloads, no. of peers and leechers and update date info.

This site proves best if you are searching for Hindi Movies or say bollywood movies.

Undoubtedly this is one of the best top torrenting sites.  

#4) ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent  is another Top torrent Website 2017.

This website claims itself to be the biggest torrent directory on the internet.

I’ve used it many times and was happy with the result.

All the pirated content including smartphone games, apps and softwares are easily downloadable using this torrent.

Though it is banned in many countries but you can access it by hiding your identity using VPNs or other recommended setting.

#5) YIFI Torrent

YIFI  is new when it comes top torrenting sites but the gamechanger one. 

Though it was launched just three years ago but suddenly with this short period of time only YIFI has gained lots of praise for the kind of exposure it has showed.

This Torrent site is gaining its interest among the movie lovers.

The movies can easily be downloaded from here not only that you can also request for new movies from the site only.

I’ve used it and personally recommend you to check this torrent site because it is one the best safe torrent sites to download your torrent files.

#6) EZTV

EZTV is one of the best torrent sites that has specialized itself in the category of TV Shows.

The most important thing that you will find in this is that there is no compulsion on registering for downloading the torrents.

You can find almost any Tv show here and can download it for free without any hassles.

Undoubtedly this is perfectly the best torrenting site for downloading Tv shows.

#7) TorLock

Many torrenting websites have the history of publishing the fake content which lately harms our devices and sometimes even automatically install unwanted spyware or trojans in our devices.

And looking at these problems one promising Torrent website in the name of TorLock was launched.

It is the best torrent site if you want to get rid of unwanted and fake torrents.

By Torlock you can even read user's comment before downloading the content and even check the ratings before downloading the content which has become the common factor of consideration in many torrent sites.

Over all, with security features this torrent website makes into  list of best torrenting sites 2017.

#8) LimeTorrents

Lime Torrent  is another reliable name in the list Best torrent sites of 2017, that has captured everyone's eyes with the quality and quantity of content it provides.

You can find almost every category of torrent file here right from Tv shows, Movies to Books and songs.

But personally I feel this site much as top torrent sites for books.
Like Eztv this site also has great content for Tv Shows.

Thus looking at these we’ve ranked it in the list of best torrenting sites.

#9) 1337X

1337x was initially a community which later turned into one of the best torrent sites.

The site has enormous popularity in the UK.

With most of user traffic from United Kingdom for downloading Movies,  we’ve ranked it as the best Top torrent sites for movies.

All and all it has all the necessary requirements for being in the list of
Top torrent sites 2017.

#10) BitSnoop

BitSnoop is estimated to be in the market since 2001 which means it is in the market when the torrent was first introduced in the market.

And due to this only with millions of torrent files in its directory this torrent website has made into the list of  top torrent websites 2017.

The best part of this torrenting website is that it has the team which removes the Trojans and Viruses which could harm your device and not only that the website also bans the spam users who tries to pollute the website environment.

So this website is also one of the best safe torrent download site to download content from.

Other Torrents to look after:

#11) IsoHunt
#13) MiniNova

Over To You:

So this was all about new sites top 15 best free torrent sites for movies 2017. These are one of the most popular torrent sites in the world. So make sure you save this list for future reference.

I also recommend you to bookmark this page. So you can visit next time.

Which is your favorite torrent sites from the above list. Do let us know in the comments below.

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