World Map Of WIFI Password For Airports 2018


Internet connection has become the basic thing for all of us now.

We can’t imagine the things to be same for us without having basic internet with us at every time, and if it’s in the form of WiFi then we all are having the big smile faces.

World Map Of WIFI Password For Airports

But, what if that wifi isn’t free and open what if it’s password protected and to feel even worse what if we are at some other country somewhere on the God’s great land waiting just to get on another flight.

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Yes, whenever we are traveling to a different country we all feel bored at the airports where there is constant connecting and disconnecting flights and we see that most of the world’s finest airports failed to entertain us during the flight delay.

So the option we are looking to kill time is our mobile phone but that too is without internet connection since we are no longer in our country and we are well aware of roaming charges nowadays.

We turn to the internet for solace, but a menu of cricket stories, witty WhatsApp messages, streamable TV shows which are not always easy to come by when data tanks are just minimum and for wifi which comes and unaffordable price.

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So the frustration comes right on available wifi networks at an airport which are not free and are mostly password protected and usual charge of these are about $35-$40 for 6 hours.

So what we are thinking of is how to hack wifi password!

Killing time on airport would be a serious drag if there isn't any way to crack the wifi password at the airport but thanks to this airport Wifi-Map it's less painful.

Map of Wifi-Password:

Anil Polat a computer and security engineer has found a way to pass the time or to work even at the airport using wifi connection there only.

He developed this map to solve the frequent travelers like bloggers and business persons like he is one blogger and he also shared the same dilemma of struggling for internet connection at the airport.

By clicking on the specific airport the password of available password there can be easily found and also with a description as in which location the signal strength would be maximum.

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I recommend you to bookmark this post as this map is going to regularly update, by looking at its importance.

Currently, there are more than 130 airports listed in the map having wifi password listed.

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