MilesWeb Or BigRock? Who Is The Best VPS Provider In India?

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When we talk about VPS Hosting and VPS Providers, compromising on the quality and service is no question at all. 

A good VPS Host can work wonders for your website and business, which makes it more important to choose a competent VPS provider which takes care of all your needs and requirements with maximum uptime.

So, I take this opportunity today to list out a comparison between the two best VPS hosting providers in the country, MilesWeb and BigRock ;  which would let you be in a better position to decide as to which is the best suited VPS provider for you. 

When one looks forward to buy a VPS hosting in our country it should be an accurate balance of many essential aspects like bandwidth, service and affordability, Memory, storage space, VPS Management and we shall compare both the hosting companies on these parameters.

Let’s first see what VPS is before we dig deeper into the comparison of the services rendered by these two top VPS hosting providers in the country.

What is VPS?

Unlike shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers provide an isolated environment wherein a physical server is divided into multiple servers having their own private space and provided a Dedicated Server like environment having their own CPU, Memory space and HDD space. 

Even after having the same host node, each Virtual Private Server functions as an independent dedicated server with root SSH access.

VPS proves out to be a much affordable option than hiring a dedicated server as the operating costs are significantly cut out.

Let us now study in detail regarding the companies and services offered by them so that you have a clear insight about the two. 

The main differentiator is the VPS loction, MilesWeb offers VPS service in India, UK, US and Romania whereas BigRock VPS are in US only.

Introducing MilesWeb:

milesweb best VPS provider

MilesWeb has come a long way since it was established in the year 2012 and today is considered to be amongst one of the most promising and reliable web hosting provider in the country.

MilesWeb has come across as a brand which provides easy, reasonable and prompt web hosting solutions and has established itself as the firm offering optimal support to the clients, offering reliable solutions to clients at affordable pricing. 

With its headquarters in Nashik, Maharashtra the premium web hosting provider offers email solutions to individuals and businesses, domain name registration services and fully managed web hosting solutions. 

Having expertise in eCommerce hosting, CPanel hosting, Dedicated Server, WordPress hosting, VPS, Domain, SSL and regular backups MilesWeb has certainly emerged as the best choice for people looking for affordable web hosting solutions without compromising on the quality. 

With the help of professional and trained technical staff the company offers support 24 * 7 *365 and almost 100 percent uptime.


Dedicated Server Equivalent:

VPS Hosting offered by MilesWeb offers a complete dedicated server like environment and can prove to be ideal for businesses and websites that have outgrown reseller and shared web hosting. 

Utilizing the VPS Hosting by MilesWeb, you have all features of dedicated servers at a very competitive pricing.

Unmatched Server Performance:

Having computing power of dual hexa core processors along with the main host server each Linux VPS is setup as a hardware-virtualized server environment to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Easy Usability:

Having a user friendly and a customizable Control Panel, MilesWeb lets you install and run applications you want providing a totally customizable VPS environment and giving you total control over the VPS.

Host Multiple Websites:

You have the option of hosting multiple websites over a single vps, thereby significantly saving the efforts and cost. Using a cPanel or Plesk control panel, managing hosted websites and databases becomes much easier.

Total Control:

Each MilesWeb VPS comes with full root SSH access which lets you have the total control over the server.          

Utilizing the API you can even write your own codes to manage the code remotely and control the VPS.

In addition to the above listed points you can be assured of faster page loads, instant setup and scaling memory allocation in real time as per the website requirement. 

Utilizing the Scalable RAM feature the memory allocation can be scaled without the need of a reboot. The VPS plans offered by MilesWeb are;

milesweb best VPS provider

MilesWeb offers managed and un-managed OpenVZ and KVM VPS in India.
Introducing Big Rock.

bigrock VPS provider

Having its headquarters in Mumbai and established in the year 2010, Big Rock has emerged as one of the best and promising web hosting companies in India having a wide range of client across the globe. 

It is an ICANN accredited company offering web hosting solutions ranging from small to large scale enterprises including shared as well as Virtual Private Server as services it offers. They are also prominent providers of domain registration and email hosting services.


Some of the features offered by Big Rock are listed below

Advanced Storage:

-          NetApp FAS3240
-          RAID-DP Ensures Zero Data Loss
-          99.999% ("Five Nines") Uptime

Robust Infrastructure:

-          Dual Hex-Core Intel Xeon Processors
-          Enterprise Class Linux - CentOS 6
-          72 GB RAM & 250 GB Mirrored Hard Drives

Ecommerce Compatible:

-          Add on Dedicated IPs
-          Private SSL Certificates
-          Multiple Shopping Carts

In addition to this the web hosting firm offers good support 24 * 7 under the guidance of highly qualified Technical Support staff. The VPS plans offered by BigRock are;


MilesWeb best VPS provider

Both the companies are young and have come a long way since they were established. 

Also, the plans offered by both the companies are more or less quite similar to each other. But the deciding factor for me in selecting the web host would definitely be costing, services and the server location for maximum uptime. 

On closely noticing the best seller plan of both the companies, it is clearly noticeable


MilesWeb in its Executive plan provides 2 GB of RAM and 100 GB SSD Space whereas BigRock in its V3 plan offers only 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB Space. 



Executive plan offered by MilesWeb is priced at Rs 1560/ month and the V3 plan offered by BigRock is priced at Rs 2099/month.

So, you get more services at a much competitive pricing on choosing MilesWeb. Also we see that the server location offered by BigRock is USA whereas MilesWeb offers you VPS in India, UK, US and Romania. 

So my vote  definitely goes to MilesWeb.

Over To You:

So this was all about MilesWeb or BigRock? Who is the best VPS provider in India.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial. 

Which VPS provider you will use? Do write your reviews in the comments below.

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