Make Impactful Google Slides Presentations with Pre-designed Themes

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How relevant are presentations to your business or career? 

Presentations have become a regular practice in the business daily routines and presentation tools like Google Slides help presenters to be much more productive at work, taking your presentations across multiple platforms and applications. 

Make Impactful Google Slides Presentations

Either if you need to speak to a big audience or make an in-house presentation to your team members, preparing a presentation requires time and effort.

With the help of pre-designed Google Slides themes & templates, the presenter can save a lot of valuable time by reusing existing slide designs and layouts.

Google Slides is one of the most versatile and widely used presentation tools used nowadays, just like PowerPoint. 

Google Slides has a full set of pre-designed themes for many different scenarios and presentation purposes. 

This help new users to quickly create presentations and apply styles to the slides, hence presentations can be finished in less time. 

However, the default gallery provided by Google Slides is limited, and in some cases, these slides fall short for modern presentation slide decks. 

In fact, this is one of the main advantages of using a free resource like

Free Google Slides Templates (a.k.a. FGST) offers dozens of unique templates for free. It has the richest collection of presentation themes & assets for Google Slides, like slides, editable presentation icons, diagrams and shapes.

You can create your own presentation from the free Google Slides themes and then export the presentation to any desired format, including Microsoft PowerPoint, OpenOffice or even as PDF.

Make Impactful Google Slides Presentations

The team behind FGST is always learning the best techniques for making productive & highly effective presentations. 

The team has experience designing impactful and engaging presentations for more than a decade.

Most of the designs available on FGST are based in real use cases, but the team behind FGST is always receiving new feedback and suggestions from users who could not find the slides for their presentations. 

If you are looking for a slide that is not available in their presentation templates catalog, you can contact them directly and your idea will be considered.

Slide Templates at your Fingerprint:

With free Google Slides templates you can make rich and editable presentations and collaborate with your team online. 

Google Slides has collaboration features available from scratch, so this makes possible a team member to collaborate online and edit the same presentation concurrently. 

Presentations created with Google Slides can be accessed and edited on any device, a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using PC, Mac, Linux or a Chromebook.

"Using the pre-designed templates you can create presentations anywhere and anytime"

With FGST you can create powerful presentations in record time, using presentation templates that are fully compatible with Google Slides, and helps to reach your audience anywhere & anytime. 

Presentation templates come with 100% editable placeholders and shapes, like the slide shown below. Presenter can edit the text placeholders and adapt the presentations for any particular requirement.

Make Impactful Google Slides Presentations
Furthermore, colors and styles can also be changed and customized. As in PowerPoint, using Google Slides you can bring your ideas to life, prepare awesome presentations with modern graphics, transitions and animations.

Google Slides provides a modern presentation tool that facilitates the use of vector graphics in your presentations, with a rich collection of font families or special effects.

The free Google Slides templates are prepared to cover a wide range of industries and presentation purposes, including:

  • Educational slides by teachers or students
  • Project planning presentations,
  • New business ideas
  • Sales presentations
  • And more

The presentation templates are designed with editability in mind, providing a high-level of customization and flexibility. 

The ultimate goal of FGST is to provide a wide range of presentation templates for Google Slides to allow non-designers to create winning presentations.

Make Impactful Google Slides Presentations

From FGST you can make your own copy of a Google Slides presentation theme. It is a free service that allows you to make impactful presentations to any important audience. 

The presentations or users can create presentation decks following traditional design best practices.

Accessing FGST is free, and it doesn’t require to have an account on the website, however you would need to have a Google Account or Gmail email account to make the copy of the presentation template to your own Google Drive. 

Creating an account with Google is free and very easy. If you use an email address with domain, then you already have a Google Account.

Crafting presentations with pre-designed themes is very easy using Google Slides and FGST.


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