ContentMart Review 2017: Best Online Content Marketplace


Digital advertising has become the enormous and one the most successful marketing tool nowadays.

Therefore the newly and also established brands are constantly are making efforts to make online marketing in a more innovative way.

ContentMart Review

So due to this there is always search for a good content writer, which can satisfy the needs and requirements of the company in terms of marketing.

Therefore for this, the clients who needs a content writer need to contact many ‘freelancers’ by searching numerous freelancing sites.

And even then some writers provides quality content and while some of them provide duplicate/copied content.

And sometimes the content writer wasn’t paid as per the deal or paid less due to some issues.

So to satisfy the needs at both the ends i.e to the client and to the content writer, a proper system was needed so that the rights of both can be protected.

Between all the chaos, such system in the name of Contentmart was launched, which is called to be the game changer in the digital marketing field.

But is that Tool is good enough to keep the balance between client and content writer?

For that, the review of this is very necessary.

So here is the Contentmart Review 2017.

ContentMart Review:

Before getting into the review we need to understand what really is Contentmart.

What Is Contentmart:

Contentmart is a marketplace which provides the platform to a client for hiring a qualified writer and vice-versa. It is the best option for the writers looking for work and clients looking for writers.


Registration process on Contentmart is very easy.

You can either use your or you can also use your social network account for log-in.

But email registration is always preferable.

You can further choose whether you are writer or a client looking for a writer.

ContentMart Review

After that, you will able to see the following page if you are a client, which you might see as an invitation to open world.

ContentMart Review

And after this you are able to place your orders in two ways 1) Open type 2) Hassle free type.

Let us see the Open type first

You need to enter all your requirements in the above form which you will as per your needs and further you are able to hear word from the writers.

The selection of writer is in your hands and you’ll have to select the writer with whom you want to work. And after that, you need to pay him.

But don’t worry there are more than 50070 Freelancer content writers on contentmart to choose from and sorting mode is also available where you can sort the type of freelancer you need.

The second type is Hassle Free type

In this type of order, you will just need to post the order details and rest job will be done by Contentmart, the writer will be selected by the contentmart itself and at the end, you will be asked to review your content and to accept or to reject the order after reviewing will be in your hands.

ContentMart Review

Thus it was all about the signup overview for the Contentmart.

The Payment Method of Contentmart:

After the work is allocated then the payment is to be made to the writer

ContentMart Review

There are plenty of options to make a payment from credit card, debit card, and either from Mobikwik or HDFC PayZapp wallet.

So we were quite happy with the payment options given by Contentmart and we hadn’t found any issues even while paying through wallet.

Contentmart For Writers:

If you are a writer and looking for some work then you can register yourself as Writer and might find the quality job and with quantity amount of payment.

You can withdraw your money from your account once in a week from your account at Contentmart.

The plus point for writers is that you can choose the language in which you have to write.

Currently, you can write in languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

The process to find the work is quite easy on Contentmart as there are more than 61,000 registered writer on Conentmart.

So, Contentmart definitely is a quite bigger marketplace.

Note : The website charges 10% of the earning from the writers.

Contentmart for Clients:

Here clients simply means the person looking to hire a writer.

So, if are so then register yourself as a client and be the part of one big family and find your choice of freelancer from over 50,000 registered writers.

Thus it’s win-win situation for both clients as well as writers.

Final Word Why ContentMart?

  • Client doesn't need to pay extra commission.
  • The website charges just 10% of total earnings of writer.
  • For clients there are more than 50,000 writers to choose from.
  • For writers there are more than 61,000 clients to hire you.
  • ContentMart allows weekly withdrawal of Money for writers.
  • Freedom to accept or to reject work.
  • Safe and secure way of billing.
  • Clients can easily pay money from secure payment methods and also they can send money in INR.

Over To You:

Thus all we can say that ContentMart is an excellent marketplace for both writers and clients.

So if you are a client looking after excellent writer I’d recommend you to try ContentMart and even if you are an excellent writer then also I’ll suggest you to try ContentMart since there are many clients looking after you.

This was ContentMart Review 2017: Best Online Content Marketplace. 

Give it Try and do tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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