Rocket VPN Review 2017 : Best VPN App for Android & iOS


Do you know when you connect to open or any wifi available nearby you. You put your personal data at risk.

The owner of wifi can hack your credentials and might misuse them.

rocket vpn review
So if you’re a traveler, you usually connect to wifi available nearby you. You might access your bank credentials at that time to pay for tickets or for any personal use.

And at that time you put yourself at the big risk.

So what’s the solution? How to access internet safely and securely? Does these type of questions are coming in your mind right now?

There is only one solution i.e Rocket VPN app.

What is Rocket VPN?

Now let’s see what is Rocket VPN and how it will help you to browse the internet securely.

Well VPN stands for virtual private network.

So Rocket VPN hides your actual IP address and allocates you virtual IP address.

So this virtual IP address will add an extra layer of protection and you can safely browse the internet.

Rocket VPN has the capability to hide your IP address and information you access. This App will make sure that the data you access on the internet will not be seen by anyone else.

So when you enable Rocket VPN in your android and iOS. It will give you new IP address each time you access the internet. It will let you access the internet through a secure tunnel by letting you choose any IP address from any country of your own choice.

So in short, we can say, VPN works as a security guard in between the user and a targeted server.

It doesn't matter whether you use Android or iOS phone. Rocket VPN app is available for both the phones. You can download, Rocker VPN for android from here and Rocket VPN for iOS from here.

Rocket VPN is simple and ease to use. If you can access smartphone, you will be able to access Rocket VPN. The app is made that ease to use.

This app will save you from malware attacks and gives you an optimized way of encrypting your data.

Rocket VPN will only take 19 MB mobile space and already 5 million people have downloaded this app. Have you ?

Download now for Android and iPhone.

Now lets quickly see how to download this app.

How To Download & Install Rocket VPN :

Once the installation is done. Simple tap on the icon and open the app.

After that connect the Rocket VPN with your VPN. You will see the connection request on your screen. Simply click ok to confirm.

Now list of regions will be provided to you and you can choose your closest area.

Now a default screen will be displayed to you with an orange color button on the top extreme right side, for turning VPN, ON and Off. Not only that it will also show you connection status.

Rocket VPN App Features :

1) It will let you access the blocked resources/websites.

So for example, if facebook is blocked in your company and though you wanted to access it anyhow. You can do this with Rocket VPN.

2) You can access the internet without any worries about getting caught.

Rocket VPN won't let anyone know what you accessed behind there backs. Isn't its great.

3) Great security.

You can connect to any open wifi and start using the internet via Rocket VPN. It won’t leave any footprints behind.

Over To You :

So this was the complete review on Rocket VPN App. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

Do let me know if you have any queries or questions regarding this app in the comments below. I would love to answer them.

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  1. Hello Piyush,

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    This is the best vpn app for android and iOS.

    Thanks once again.

    1. Hello Kate,

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      Kate I'm glad you liked my review. Yes this is indeed very popular app all over the world. Even I'm using this more oftenly. According to me this is the best VPN app.

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  2. Hey Piyush,

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