Hexlock Review 2017 : Best App Locker For Android Devices


In our last post we saw how you can securely browse the internet and access your personal as well as bank details without letting anyone know. I hope you already read that post.

If not, you must read it today by going on the above link :)

Well in today's tutorial we will see how you can protect your apps as well by using Hexlock.

hexlock review

Hexlock is the best app locker for android device.

So in short from today. You can safely browse the internet and you can also safely use your mobile apps securely.

Isn't it great?

These days our life is totally dependent on mobile and mobile phone apps. We store hell lot of information in our mobile phone apps as we do not have to remember it.

Say for ATM pins, bank credentials etc type of important things. But are you sure that nobody can access these things apart from you. Are you 100% sure about that?

Just think about it once!

Your answer must be coming big NO..! right?

Well do you want full protection on any of the apps you use mostly?

Not only that, do you want to protect your personal data and information from your friends and family members?

If your answer is YES...! Then you are at the right place.

Because in this post I will show you how Hexlock can help you to protect your personal information from your friends and family.

Hexlock is an awesome app which works on simple terminology that nobody can access your personal mobile apps without giving you notice or without letting you know.

So it will help you to protect your personal photos/images, messages, contacts, call list, and much more. In short it will protect A-Z things of your mobile phone.

Isn't it great?

Moreover this app is free of cost and you can download it from google playstore for free!

In 2015, Hexlock was the best app locker app for android devices in canada. Is so light-weight and easy to run. It will only take 4 MB of your mobile phone space.

This app has already got 5M downloads on playstore till now.

So this was the short introduction about Hexlock app. Now lets see how to download and use it.

How To Download And Install Hexlock App:

Below mentioned are the simple steps to download and install Hexlock app to protect your android apps.

Step 2: Set your pattern or pin.
After installation it will ask you to set pattern or pin on the app. Simple set it.

Step 3: Select the specific apps to lock.
Now you can select the apps you wanted to lock. You have to set the pin or pattern on that. So make sure you remember your credentials.

Note: You can also use some inbuilt password patterns such as party, school, parental, cafe, etc.

Not only that you can also customize the profiles the way you want. This app gives you the flexibility to do that.

So simply choose the app you want to protect from others and simply apply pin or pattern lock with Hexlock.

Features Of Hexlock:

  • Lock your mobile apps easily
  • Secure picture and video vault
  • Parental control to keep your kids away from unwanted stuff
  • It will protect your device from external access
  • Nobody can uninstall any app without credentials hence great security

Over To You:

So this was all about how you can protect your android apps with the best android app locker i.e Hexlock.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Do let me know what you think about this app in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Very useful tool indeed.

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  3. Hello Piyush,

    Hexlock is the best app locker for android. I'm using this since last 1 year.

    Best recommended app locker for android.


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