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Soldiers Inc. is browser based game developed by Plarium Ltd.- an Israeli gaming giant which has huge fan following over the world esp. in Russia.

Their Games are localized in more than 10 different languages and has more than 95 million registered gamers spread in more than 50 countries across the world.

This company gained huge popularity by the game like Stromfall: Age Of War and this game called Soldiers Inc.

soldiers inc game review

Soldiers Inc. was launched in year 2013 and after the launch the game grew so much of popularity that it was named by Facebook as one of the 10 Best New Games of 2013.

Even after completing more than 2 years in this competitive market of gaming, Soldiers Inc. hasn’t experienced surge in its popularity in fact it drawn more peoples attentions by making regular updates and making viewing and playing experience more friendly and reachable at the same time.

Looking at tank full popularity of the game in the minds of people and overwhelming response from Russians about this game we thought to give you small review about the game so that you can also be part of such game changing Game.

Overview Of Soldiers Inc. :

Soldiers Inc. browser game is based MMORTS set in state ridden with a war named Zandia.

Here the players will be the Commanders, hired by the organization called ‘The Syndicate’. All the instruction will be given by the character codenamed Mr. Black tasked for securing natural resources. 

So all players need to do is fight for monopoly on Zandia’s land-a fictional country set in Africa in round year 2019, by building their army, base and by attacking other armies.

It is available on both browser and Facebook. The game has great graphics and you can explore to the resource-rich Zandia quiet easily with sensational music and great gaming graphics.

Your rank will increase as you move forward with your skillful offence and defense strategy with game’s skill Trees System.

Just move forward by making monopoly in Zandia and complete your objectives of making stronger army base surround.

Soldiers Inc. Key Features:

  • Unique PvP – send recon units into enemy bases to gather information before raiding them to resources.
  • High Quality Voice Acting Experience – narrator named Mr. Black in game.
  • Isometric (3d) Graphics – retro, top-down isometric graphics in an apocalyptic scenario while playing.
  • Types Of Units – offensive, defensive, and recon.
  • Combines – form alliance with other players to plan massive attack/attacks against your enemy/enemies.

Soldiers Inc. Review:

Building and Maintaining your Army Base:

Players spent most of time in their own base which is central for most the game features.

Commanders begin to build structures and by maintain them they will conquer/build more structures to protect as well as to attack enemies. The main feature without which MOMRTS game can be built is Timer and this game even isn’t.

Everything here is time based from making structures to training players, at the beginning the time is of 5 mins which can be increased by upgrading by spending premium currency.

soldiers inc game review

Resources: Fuels, Munitions and Rations :

Resources and its management is common point for every person who has ever played game with RTS experiences. They are mainly used for improving players rating and helping them to move ahead in the game.

This game has also secondary resources, used to craft special units like Influence Points, Thulium and Drill Instructors. Influence Points are gained from attacking or defending NPC location which you will find put after playing the game.

Thulium on the other hand will help in hiring unit called Syndicate Tactical Assault group, it is acquired from the Black Market and around the world map.  

soldiers inc game review

Finally Drill Instructors are gained after leveling-up the certain combat mission.

Contracts and Trainings :

Players can customize their gameplay experience by skill tree given in the game. There are two of them.

One being on the Contracts System and other being Training System.

Contracts are unlocked by setting-up the contracting offices.

While for Training Players are allowed one free Training reassignment and after that premium currency is charged.

Building Army:

Players in Soldiers Inc. can recruit three type of units to blood their armies: offensive, Defensive and Recon. Offensive unit specializes in attacking and lacks in defensing.

Defensive is complete opposite to that of Offensive it specializes in defending and lags in attacking.
Recon is completely different thing used just to gather information.

Here Unit selection is very strategic decision since its wrong selection may misfire and can blow out of water. For eg. Tanks ! yes Tanks.

Tanks proves strong against other armors but weak against light infantries and heavy infantries.

soldiers inc game review


This allows you to join forces under organized command structure with single name and symbol.
Players are allowed to send mass organized attacks to capture main points according to their strategy which further will increase ranking as a team in Combine Ranking.

Cash Shop:

Diamonds are player’s best friend here. Players are given various advantages through the use of Diamonds like activation of Executive Status which rewards players multiple Boosts, special Mission and Units.

Diamonds can also be used to heal fallen units and revive dead ones which got dead during the battle. Also they are used to buy special Units and Content.

Thus we can say those who are ready to spend real money in the game are heavily rewarded which is quite popular in Stromfall: Age Of War, Wartune etc.

soldiers inc game review

Final Verdict -  Excellent ...!

Soldiers Inc. is next gen. sensational from Plarium, which keeps you bind for long long hours on your seats to play. Its Music and Voice acting quality are to the next level of awesomeness, making the game more engaging and playable than other competitors.

Its graphics also does good job to make you feel you are at ‘War Zone’.

And at last its Pay-to-win formula may sometime makes you overturned from the game but its just one and only common formula that is used by every game making company.

So we will keep this upto you that how much you are willing to pay for winning easily, otherwise way with effort and win is always open.

Overall its decent, high quality and sensational Soldiers game which can be played anytime and everytime with same enthusiasm but with different experiences.

Soldier Inc Game Trailer :


Over To You.  

So this was all about Review of Soldiers Inc. One of the best MMORTS Game in its genre and its music and voice features just add glory to it.

What are you waiting for ? Go ahead and give it a try Soldiers Inc.

I’m damn sure u won’t feel disappointed!

Do you need any help from me ? OR do you have any queries regarding Soldiers Inc. ? Please shoot your queries in the comments below. I would love to answer them.

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