How to Embed YouTube Videos with Muted Sound And Autoplay

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Embed YouTube videos with no sound.

Do you want to embed the YouTube videos with sound muted just like Instagram and Facebook ?

When you visit Instagram and Facebook, you must have seen the autoplay mute video functionality right ?

how to embed youtube videos with muted sound and autoplay

Do you ever wonder how to embed mute video or do you want to embed the mute video from youtube also ?

You must be thinking is this even possible, right ?

and the answer is Yes !

So in this post we will see how to embed youtube videos with no sound or muted sound with auto-play functionality.

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So whenever any user comes to your blog and read your content you might wanted to show them some videos which they might don't play. At that time you can simply use this logic to auto-play youtube videos with no sound.

Its pretty easy to embed youtube videos on your blog or website. You just need to copy IFRAME embed code from youtube and paste it anywhere on your HTML webpage.

Apart from this, Youtube also offer basic customization offers like,
  • You can modify player dimensions.
  • You can hide Youtube branding logos.
If you would like to have more control on the behavior and layout of the youtube embedded player, Youtube Player API is the way to go.

But in this tutorial I will let you know, how you can embed youtube video that will automatically play when the web page is loaded but with muted audio.

In this the volume of the video is set to 0 and user can manually unmute the video. So atleast when user is reading your post, in the mean while the video will be loaded.

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Embed YouTube Videos With Muted Sound And Autoplay :

So here before we move ahead, I recommend you to see this demo. In this, the page loads, video will be played but without sound. So the sound remain muted and you have to click to unmute it.

It will be as similar as Instagram or Facebook videos you usually see.

Now you must be thinking how to mute Youtube embedded videos with autoplay option right.

So just follow the below mentioned guide.

Its pretty easy.

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Now, first of all visit Youtube video page and note down the video ID from the URL.

For example, if the youtube video link is, the video ID is xyz-123.

So once you have the Youtube video ID, all you have to do is replace YOUR_VIDEO_ID in the below mentioned code, with your video ID.

Now copy and paste the above mentioned edited youtube embedded code on your webpage and the embedded video would automatically play but the sound is muted.

You can also further modify the player by changing few video player properties commented in the above code.

For instance, if you set the loop=1, then it will be played in the loop. 

You can also set fs=1, to show full screen option inside the video player screen. More over, you can also change other commented options.

The embedded youtube video will be played automatically but in mute mode.

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Over To You :

So this was all about how to embed youtube videos with muted sound and autoplay option

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial. I would be glad if you share this post with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

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