3 Methods To Delete Old Tweets From Twitter 2016 [Exclusive]

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Twitter is basically an online social networking site that helps peoples including celebs and politicians to share and read 140-character messages with/from the world.

These messages are referred as ‘Tweets’-just to make trend.

The users which are registered on twitter can read as well as can send tweets but those who are unregistered can only read those tweets.

how to delete old tweets from twitter

The popularity of twitter can be judged as its one of the only site which is used by stars as well as politicians actively so then can be connected and be in lime light.

After getting into the market in July 2006 the company’s growth is on the seventh sky not on that by being just a social networking site it is one of the most-visited website in the world. Also it has more than 310 million monthly active users.
It is widely described as 'SMS Of The Internet'.

Since we have seen the popularity of such service in front of our eyes then it was quite obvious for the people like us, who like remain close to technology or like to remain in touch with social happenings; to use it.

But we know that “we have to learn everything about the thing before getting mastered in that”. 

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So during the learning period just to check its use if you have post some shitty tweets or the tweets which are meaning less or you want to get rid from your old tweets for your personal reasons, then you are right place. 

Since twitter has made very easy to search for the tweets that one user has sent to another user, we here will help you to delete your old tweets in the most easiest way.
So lets see how to delete old tweets from twitter.

Delete Your Old Tweets From Twitter:

Remember: You can remove upto 3,200 tweets old tweets that you’ve made from your Twitter account older than 3200 tweets have already been trashed by Twitter. 

And once removing process is done it can't be undo so be careful while removing the tweets from your account.

So as I said, there are 3 best methods to delete old tweets from twitter 2016. So lets start with the first one.

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Method 1 :- By using online Tools.

This is the most easiest way to delete your old tweets according to me, since you to just log in and boom your work will be done.

For that you must know following tools:

1)  Tweet Delete : 

Tweet Delete is one such tool available online for this you’ll first agree the terms and conditions associated with the use of this tool, so read through these and authorize it.

This tool allows you to remove tweets which are even more than one year old. All you need to do is check the “Delete all my existing tweets” before activating the schedule then tap “Activate TweetDelete Button” and your job will be done. 

There are also some other methods in it which allows you to customize the method of deletion. So just check those out if you consider it useful http://www.tweetdelete.net/.

how to delete old tweets from twitter

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2) Tweet Eraser :  

This tool allows you to delete everything you’ve tweeted before any given date.

It’s quite simple to use it and quite useful too as it helps you to delete tweets according to date. Check it out here :- http://www.tweeteraser.com/.

3) Tweet Deleter : 

how to delete old tweets from twitter

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Tweetdeleter.com use is quite similar to Tweetdelete.net in this also you have to sign in to your twitter account and authorize it terms and conditions.

Then select the range of tweets that you want to delete such as by keywords, date, retweets and others   

Now lets move ahead and lets see method 2.

Method 2 : Request Your Twitter Archive :

It’s other way to remove tweets from your accounts without using any tool or app.

In this method you have to request your personal archive from your network only. After that Twitter will email you a zip file which includes all your tweets arranged in an easy searchable database. So by that you can easily find the tweet you want to find and remove.

So in order to get your tweets in zip form without using any additional tool or app all you need to do is go to Settings from your personal account and then click on ‘Request your Archive’ option. And soon you Archive will respond to you.

how to delete old tweets from twitter

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Method 3 : Using Advanced Search

This method is for alternative people who don’t want to wait for ‘twitter Archive’.

For that you need to use Twitter Advanced search. https://twitter.com/search-advanced.

how to delete old tweets from twitter

There in Field ‘From these account’ enter your username and In field ‘Words’ enter the terms you are trying to find.
how to delete old tweets from twitter

After getting the results of your search you can easily delete the unwanted tweets from you account.
So this is how we can delete the unwanted tweets from our account without using any tool.

Over To You :

So this was all about 3 best methods to delete old tweets from twitter 2016 from your twitter account.

I hope you found this post interesting and useful.

Do let me know if you are having any problem in deleting old tweets in the comments below.

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