Best 15+ Google URLs List 2016 : Every Google User Should Know

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Google URLs list 2016.

After using Google for particular period of time every Google User ask many questions to himself like:
What does the Google knows about the places that I’ve visited recently ?

How are my interests seen by Google ?
Where does Google keeps the data of each and every word that I had ever typed in search box ?

How I’m getting the Google ads which are interest of me ?

Well believe me this Internet Giant makes every effort so that you can say “I’m feeling lucky” !

google urls list 2016

So in this post I'll cover best google urls 2016. These google urls will be really helpful in your day to day life.

Now lets see the complete list URLs.

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Important Google URLs List 2016 : 

Google stores everything about you that you have ever searched for. But at the same time it respect your privacy too. It stores every data privately on its own servers only and any other third party won’t have access to that.

Everything you type is secretly saved on your Google Account Dashboard.

So Google has the data that can surprise you, help you or even blow you out of the water. Only thing to get there is that you have to find right Google URLs.

So lets see the complete list,

1) Your account will get terminate if you haven’t logged in once in 9 months as per policies of Google. This may create problem for a multi-account user. 

This problem can be solved by making one main account as trusted contact for your other accounts. After that google will reminds you after the span of few months to login to other accounts. 

For that you need to check on following Google URL.

2) Want to make sure that someone isn’t using your smart phone to get access to their account or want to make sure that your private things are fully secured.

Google has also a way for that. It saves every password that has been ever typed on Google chrome or Andriod for logging into various websites. 

By using following url you can have access to history of password typed ever and that too in the form of plain text 
3) Want to know how everytime Google surprises you by showing the ads of your age, gender & interest.

Then use the following URL to know how Google Sees you.

4) Want to know who else has used your account. Well if the account has been used from any other device then you are getting security mail from Google, but if its from save device then ?

Google has provision for this also. Google security feature helps you to track all the misconducting activity happened it also gives you the IP Address of the particular device as well approx geographical location. 

5) Ever wonder that some Apps have access to your Google Data?

Well here is the thing from the Google that helps you to track down each and every App that has permission to read/write on your Google Data. 

6) Your smartphone is silently sending data on Google Servers if you are logged in from your Android device in any of Google Product whether you wish or not. 

It also include data about your location and activity for eg. Are you moving (if yes then how fast) . you can have access to all your location history on Google Maps also you can use this history for viewing on Google Earth by exporting location history data as KML files.

7) Lost the Smartphone ? Google has a way to track it down.

By using Google Device Manager you can track, Ring the device and even remotely erase the data from it. 

Not only this you can even find IMEI number of your lost phone, but the only catch is that the device should be On and Connected to Internet.

8) Found your content copied by other website or Blog? Want that to removed ?
All you need to do is lodge the DMCA complaint with google against that site.
Google has a legal way to help you to claim that particular content and also  can help you to remove the entire website from Google search result that  are scrapping your personal/wrong content.
9) Google and YouTube keep the data of every data/query you have fired ever. That also includes the ads you have clicked upon or the videos that you watched on YouTube or even the voice seach queries fired on Google Now by “OK GOOGLE” (if you are a user). 

Following are the google urls for all : (For Google searches) (For Voice searches) (For YouTube searches and watched videos)
10) Want to copy all your Google Data ?

Google helps you to make a copy of all your Data which includes data from all the products of Google like Google Photos, Contacts, Gmail messages, YouTube videos etc. 

All you need is to head toward the Takeout page of Google. Following is the link to get there.

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11) Google lets you to make use of any email-address as your user name for your Google Account.
It means you can create new Google Account by using existing Email Address. 

Normally the abbreviation is but by this you can use any other email address as your username for eg. Just go through following link for this:

12) Want alerts about some company or product ? 

Just fill one simple form on Google Alerts and leave it all on Google and it will do it for You.

13) Most of peoples don’t know that you can use Image instead of keyword to find your search result on Google. 

Till now you might have always used keyword for your search queries but you can also use image to find similar kind of images in your search result.
All you need is to upload image on Google Reverse Search and you will get your results.

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14) We see many of the URL that are to long that they can’t be shared easily. But don’t worry Google has a tool which helps you to make the URL short. 

Google URL Shortener is tool which helps to make short URLS which on clicking reaches on same result as reaching by original URLS.

15) Here by this tool (Google App Learning Centre) you can find many tricks and tips about various Apps of Google which we generally miss during general surfing.
So these were the best 15 google urls list 2016. Now, we can say that internet giant takes out every care for the service of people.

Over To You : 

So these were the important 15+ Google URLs list 2016 : every google user should know. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

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