Competitor Analysis : Best Low Competition Keywords List 2016


Best low competition keywords list 2016.

Do you know low competition keywords are those keywords which has less competition volume as compare to other medium or high competition keywords. So its pretty easy to rank for low competition keywords.

low competition keywords list

Are you a low competition keywords finder or are you looking for best low competition keywords list 2016. Then you are at the right place.

In this post I'll give you the list of 100+ low competition high traffic keywords list which will definitely help you to boost your blog traffic.

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I have targeted 5 niche's and researched best keywords 2016. Just read this post carefully, pick up your desired keywords and you will eventually learn how to rank low competition keywords.

Organic traffic plays the most important role behind success of your blog. So once you start getting traffic from search engines like Google and bing. You will make huge money from your blog.

But getting traffic from search engines specially google is not that easy as it looks. You have to do proper research on your niche and keywords you select.

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According to google keyword planner there are three kind of keywords competition.
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
For about high competition keywords, as they are pretty tough to rank. Only authority sites/blogs can rank for such keywords.

Medium and low competition are such keywords for which we can easily rank only if we do proper SEO.

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So I hope now you understood why I'm writing this post for low competition keywords only. Don't worry these keywords has high CPC. So you will make more money if you rank for these keywords.

Now lets see the niche's I'm going to cover today. As I said above, I've analyzed 5 niches which are mentioned below,
  • Health
  • Relationship & Dating
  • Technology
  • Fun, History & Humors
  • Sports & Play
We will cover all these niche's today as I have personal experience on these topics. But before that I just wanted to show some pros of using low competition keywords.

Pros :

  • You can rank your blog easily
  • You can also rank individual post easily
  • No need to worry about 200 other google factors / advanced SEO
  • Zero investment
  • Very fast results if you also add keywords like best, 2016, guide, etc
Now lets quickly see the list.

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Low Competition High Traffic Keywords List 2016 :

Below mentioned are the top 5 niche of the today's blogging industry. I have mentioned the keyword + monthly search volume in tabular format. Just go through all the keywords once and pickup the suitable one :)

Health Niche :

health niche

how to start my diet 200
best diet to lose weight fast and keep it off 100
quick weight loss tips for women 50
diabetes honeymoon 200
diabetes cure 2016 70
hemorrhoids bursting 200
hemorrhoid surgery recovery time weight loss 100
mucus discharge from hemorrhoids 50
once you have type 2 diabetes can it be reversed 50
how to loose weight fast and keep it off 50
salmon good for weight loss 100
reverse pre diabetes naturally 100
how to remove blemishes overnight 50
does honey and cinnamon help acne 100
face mask for blackheads and acne 100
wiping eyes 50
over the counter medicine for eye infection 200
what treats pink eye 100
how to heal a hemorrhoids 50
witch hazel wipes hemorrhoids 50
fastest way to get rid of a hemroid 50
conjunctivitis gonorrhea 30
pictures of pink eye in children 50
home remedies for red spots on face 50
nose pimple remedy 100

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Relationship & Dating Niche :

relationship and dating niche

healthy christian relationship 50
when will i find the one 500
women dating tips 50
best way to start a relationship 50
free serious relationship dating sites 100
younger men dating 200
dating in this generation 100
christian dating help 20
serious dates 300
difference between dating and relationship 600
dating advice for college students 200
how to find good life partner 100
what is a guy 200
finding the perfect mate 200
define dating someone 200
healthy dating relationship 100
finding someone you love 50
start a new relationship 100
starting relationships 100
good relationship questions to ask a guy 100
how to make it work 200
how to make it work 50
how to meet a life partner 50
is this a relationship 50
how relationships start 100

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Technology Niche :

technology niche

why technology is good 500
importance of educational technology to a teacher 50
picture of technology in education 80
make a blog website free 50
blogger examples 300
seo definition marketing 50
google optimize website 70
how to find best mobile 20
samsung led phones 100
google smartphone price 10
phones to buy in 2016 10
how does seo work with google 20
quicksprout seo 50
google docs seo 30
iphones announce 20
iphones problems 20
htc phone specifications 200
best niche markets 100
popular blogs on blogspot 50
how do you start your own website for free 30
how internet helps in education 200
technology in classrooms pros 100
iphone latest model 2016 20
when will iphone 7 be released 2400
how is the new iphone 50

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Fun, History & Humor Niche :

fun and humor niche

funny friends pic 100
bad texts 500
funny jokes to send over text 100
funny college humor videos 50
funny fb pictures to post 100
humorous pics for facebook 50
imgur funny 100
hillarious images 50
Harappan Civilization 3500
funny videos free online 200
if your dog could text 500
punny memes 1500
silly messages 50
funny mother daughter texts 100
forward whatsapp messages 100
funny videos funny clips 40

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Sports & Play Niche :

sports and play niche

online watch live cricket streaming 50
online cricket live watch tv 20
online cricket scoring 50
live cricket scorecard full 100
football matches sunday 30
postponed football fixtures 50
karate kid master 300
martial arts fighting stances 100
cricket world cup streaming live free 100
live soccer scores espn 400

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Note : CPC (cost per click) depends upon the quality and content of your blog. It may varies from $0.15 - $0.20. So if you're getting CPC between $0.15 to $0.20 then its really impressive.

Over To You :

So this was all about competitor analysis : best low competition keywords list 2016. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

Just decide your niche and pickup your keywords and put it in your content. That's all you need to do to rank low competition keywords.

Make sure you write 500+ words article which contains media i.e images/videos. Then it will be pretty easy to rank for your targeted keyword.

Can you do me a favour by sharing this tutorial with your social media friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. After all "sharing is caring" right :) You can shoot social media buttons on your left, for easy sharing !

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Have you ever used Semrush keyword research tool, to increase adsense earnings, if so, then please do share it with us, BTW nice article you have covered,


    1. Hello Gautam,

      I normally use keyword planner and sometimes semRUSH too. It generally depends. I use semrush to observe competitors.

      hope this helps.

      Keep visiting :)

  2. Hello Sir, well thanks for the kind reply and one more question I want to ask you, that recently I found ezoic adsense increase tool and i read article of it on MBT there you have commented to use it or not, and almost 8 months ago I got an email from ezoic though that time I didn't have adsense account, and actually I had a doubt about ezoic in that time, but recently I red an article on shoutmeloud and harsh agarwaal mentioned in yearly income report that he have used ezoic, that time I realised ezoic is legitimate and I did mistake that time,
    I got email from ezoic thrice, though I had a doubt about them I didn't reply them, but now I want to use ezoic,

    So how was your experience with ezoic, if you ever used it please share with.

    Please reply ASAP ☺

    1. Hello Gautam,

      Couple of months back even I decided to use ezoic but I have some good friends in my network who were using ezoic. So I communicated with them and they said its not worth using if you want strong readership.

      So I didn't used it.

      Even you just think, how your page will look a like when you show 5 ads on single post.

      Its looks really bad right.

      More over with more no. of ads your cpc will decrease. This is the face which I have personally experienced it.

      So at last its your call. But I didn't suggest you to use ezoic if you are not writing 1200-1500+ words per post.

      Hope this helps.

  3. and one more thing, you said that you often use keyword planner and Semrush, and I know both are premium tools so are you spending some pennies for that?

  4. No I did not pay anything for now.

    1. ya, but my adsense earnings is so low, so i thought to use ezoic, BTW thanks for your kind replies ☺