How Do I Turn Off Mobile Version Of Websites On Android Chrome Browser


turn off mobile sites

According to 2016 report there are 1 billion+ active android phone users are there across the globe. Out of 1 Billion, 10-20% are obviously using internet on there phone.

So this article is for those android users who are using internet on there phone and cannot able to use all the functionality of websites due to smaller screens.

The native HTML browser of android phones by default load mobile version of websites automatically.

For example when you type :- on your android chrome browser it will automatically redirected to

As this site is mobile friendly and after update in Google algorithm from April 2014, it is compulsory to have mobile friendly sites else websites owner may see huge loss of traffic on there sites. The world is moving on mobile site and google has also kept proper care of its users.

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But sometimes as being a user of website you don't won't to see mobile sites instead you would love to see desktop sites only. But you don't know how to turn off default mobile version of websites on android chrome browser.

So what to do at that time ?

Don't worry. Its pretty easy to turn off mobile sites. You just have to make couple of change in you phone settings and you are done.

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So lets see how to do it and how to block mobile sites to open on android chrome browser.

How To Force Desktop Site To Open On Android Chrome :

As we know mobiles with screens 5" inches or above can easily access all the functionality of websites but what about the phones smaller than that screens ?

As I said above you have to make some setting in your android phone and you can easily force desktop version to load.

Just read the step by step guide mentioned below to force nonmobile website version on android chrome browser.

Step 1 : Go to address bar of android browser.
In the address bar just type "android:debug" and press enter.

android debug

Step 2 : Press menu/option key of your android device.
Now go to more >> settings

Step 3 : Scroll down to the bottom and select UAString.

turn off mobile sites

Step 4 : Select Desktop, instead android.
As you can see by default UAString is set to android. You have to select "desktop" instead. After that you will see the change effect immediately.

turn off mobile sites

Step 5 :- Now simply open and you will see the effect.

So as you can see it was all about UAString settings and it was pretty easy to change it right ?

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Over To You :

So this was all about how to turn off mobile sites in android chrome browsers. I hope you found this tutorial worth reading.

Wasn't this was easy ? Do you need any help regarding the same ? Please let us know in the comments below. I would love to solve your queries :)

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  1. Please is not working for me
    Am using Samsung galaxy s3 with 4.4.4 and a chrome version 50.0.2661.89
    When I enter android:debug it search with google

    1. Hello Friend,

      It would have worked.

      Friend as you are using google chrome. Kindly follow below mentioned steps to turn off mobile sites.

      1) Open Google chrome.
      2) Press option button (tip: Click 3 dots button in the URL)
      3) enable - Request desktop site

      Please try this if above things is not working for you.

      Hope this helps.

      Keep Visiting :)