Qeep Download : The Best Chatting App For Android, iPhone and PC 2016

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qeep download.

Qeep is one of the most popular and fast growing application of 2016. Qeep has many pro features which even does not contain by Facebook and Twitter.

In qeep you not only chat with your friends but you can also send friend request to others and maintain your own friend list. Apart from this you can also send gifts to your friends, you can also buy pets in zoo.

qeep download

Qeep is pretty popular for earning points. Yes you heard me right, in qeep you can earn points which you use to buy gifts and send it to your friends or girl friend.

It also have huge game network. You can play one of the best and most amazing games with qeep. There are futher more feature like,
  • Flirt with friends
  • update status
  • share you pics in photologs
  • much more.

You might have heard about the employees working at Google. They are called Googlers there. So if you're the user of qeep, You will be called qeepers. Isn't it cool.

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The popularity of this app is growing so fast that every time you'll find atleast 8000 - 10,000 people online.

I'm using qeep on my android phone since last 3 years and I'm say, I haven't seen such an addictive app before.

So in this tutorial I will let you know some important guides on qeep and we will also see how to download qeep for android, iPhone and PC 2016.

Before moving ahead, just look at this amazing video.

You can use qeep from all the platforms i.e mobile and PC. Lets see how to download it.

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How To Download Qeep On Android :

If you're an android users, then simple visit below mentioned play store link to download it.


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How To Download Qeep On iPhone :

If you're an iOS or iPhone user, then simply visit below mentioned link to download the same.


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How To Download Qeep On PC :

Now lets see how to download this app on PC.

Anyhow I suggest you to visit online once and sign up for this app, as its faster and easy. After that you can simply login in your Android or iPhone app.

So lets see the simple steps to download and login into qeep.

Step 1 :- Visit sign up form of qeep. 

Step 2 :- Fill the simple sign up form.
When you visit the above mentioned link. You will get one sign up form. Simply fill your personal information as you are filling while creating you Gmail account.

qeep download sign up

Step 3 :- Now login to qeep.
Once your account is created you will be redirected to login page. Where you need to give you nick name and password.

qeep download login

Simply enter nick name and password and click on "login" button.

P.S If you already have account on qeep then no need to create one again. You can simply login by visiting below mentioned link.


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How Can I Delete My Qeep Account ?

After using it much you might want to delete your account and you might wonder how to delete that. As I said above (in the starting of this post) this is complete guide on qeep. So, I will also tell you how to delete qeep account.

To delete it, you just need to first login into your Qeep account. After that navigate to support >> Delete my qeep account


You can simply visit below mentioned link to delete your account.


P.S Make sure you're logged in your Qeep account.

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Over To You : 

So this was all about how to download qeep for android, iOS/iPhone and PC 2016. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

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