MaxxVault and MaxxCloud : Best Document Management Software

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MaxxValut is one of the best document management software solutions in the market. It provides many unique features which makes managing document really easy.

MaxxValut promise's one thing that it keep your costs down and will increase productivity at the same time.

maxxvalut review

MaxxValut solutions will always make sure that you remain on the top of your accounts payable invoice processing.

Not only this, with the features like external file sharing to instant secure messaging, this tool makes processes really easy and time saving for medium to large enterprise.

Before moving a head, I want you to see this amazing 2 minutes video about maxxvalut :

MaxxValut - Document Management Software :

Document management can be a real headache specially when you are growing your business and operation.

This is the common problem we used to experience while growing from medium to large company setup.

But MaxxVault make sure information to be maintained confidentially, with secured integrity and availability when needed.

You must look at this video i.e what is document management software :

MaxxVault is one of the best document management software solutions in the market. It also provides content management, securing, processing, and sharing solutions.

MaxxVault - Accounts Payable Software :

The accounts payable software solution make sure you remain top in the accounts and management industry.

acocunt payable software

So with this you'll never miss any invoice or transaction related document and they will be just a click away from you.

It doesn't matter whether its healthcare industry, finance, insurance, manufacturing or large co-operation where thousands of documents are being processed everyday. MaxxVault adds simplicity and security to it.

Lets see some of the back office solutions provide by this tool.
  • Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Contract Management
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Resources
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Operations Management
  • Procurement and Purchasing
The invoice are secure and verified. You can also sign the digital signature.

Look at the snap show below,

digital signatures

Not only this, your documents are getting processed only daily basis and obviously it saves lot of time as compare to conventional paper work.

Now you do not have to worry about forgotten or delayed invoices.

Now lets see one amazing video and lets see how this helps in saving time and give more efficient work.


MaxxDynamics - Integration With Microsoft Dynamics :

As you know most of the medium and large scale companies use Microsoft dynamics ERM system. Information from invoices and other new documents have to be entered into the system.

So once this is done, the document can be scanned into MaxxVault using "MaxxVault Scan". After that you can check the quality of the document and simple save it.

Retrieving Document :

Whenever company or staff is reviewing a transaction with Microsoft dynamics GP/AX/SL/NAV, they can immediately access all your proofs. Here MicosoftDynamics will automatically retrieve the right document.

Pros :
  • MaxxDynamics offers a single-click document for scanning, indexing and searches feature for those using MS Dynamics GP/AX/SL/NAV.
  • data and files are feeded more efficiently. 
  • documents are stored within the MaxxVault Enterprise, so no need to worry about security. 
  • MaxxDynamics manage the papers and data based on your records management policy. 
So it becomes pretty easy to manage business with Microsoft Dynamics.

maxx scan

Advantages Of Using MaxxVault :

There are couple of advantages of using MaxxVault.
  • Simplifies document management.
  • It helps to reduce costs in the filing, routing, and storage of paper documents. 
  • Customers can be provided the desired information in no time.
  • It takes just couple of seconds to access information of your accounts and payable staff. 
  • Documents can be routed instantly through your payment and collections workflows.
This tool will definitely help you to boost your organization productivity, efficiency and profitability. MaxxVault is must try tool for Content Management and Enterprise Document Management Systems (EDMS).

MaxxVault Awards :

MaxxVault had won couple of awards. You can check all the awards from the official site but here are some of the best.
  • Healthcare tech outlook - 10 most promising Document Management Solution Providers 2016.
  • 100 Most promising Microsoft Solution Providers - CIOReview
  • North America's Top Software Vendors.
See More Awards.

MaxxVault Partners :

maxxvault partners

So this was all about MaxxVault. Now lets see what is MaxxCloud.

MaxxCloud - Cloud Document Management :

MaxxCloud delivers enterprise document management and workflow while relieving the burdens of administration, monitoring, and network maintenance.

maxxcloud review

It is also the best cloud document management software.

MaxxVault allows you to have your own private cloud server which can be hosted on your own server. However you can also take advantage of fully hosted MaxxCloud.

So its really upto you to choose between fully hosted and hybrid or on-premise solution for storing and managing your document.

maxxcloud image

I agree with you that no one wants to move their software to a hosted solution as they can lose the functionality they are enjoying on current software.

For that reason MaxxCloud has been designed to ensure that MaxxVault users can still enjoy the full benefits of their investment in
  • document management system
  • Search
  • retrieval
  • security
  • document manipulation
  • workflow
  • records management
  • access auditing
With MaxxCloud, you will work with single-source provider that understands the needs of maintaining your infrastructure, documents and data. 

You do not have to worry about you document management applications and date. As they are hosted in a world class data center and accessed via secure connections over the internet.

Look at this amazing cloud document management video :

Benefits Of Using MaxxCloud :

  • Quick setup
  • Images Global and secure access to your documents from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet
  • Images Industry-leading Enterprise Document Management and Workflow
  • Images Supports unlimited growth 
  • Images Safeguard your business with constant 24×7 monitoring
  • Images Disaster protection and recovery
  • Images No hardware or software installation
  • Images Can integrate with other 3rd party on premise or hosted solutions
  • Images Save directly from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office to MaxxCloud
MaxxCloud has already managed and scanned 1526 Million+ documents.

document manage and counting

Don't forget to look at this amazing MaxxCloud Working Video :

MaxxCloud Customers :

Here are some of the big companies using this tool.

maxxcloud customers

Over To You :

So this was all about MaxxVault and MaxxCloud review. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

Which tool you're going to use today ? Is it MaxxVault or MaxxCloud ? Do let me know in the comments below.

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