How To Turn Off / Disable Mobile Version Of A Website On Your Phone

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disable mobile version website.

You have seen many big websites like Facebook and amazon were already offering mobile version websites to there users that are browsing from phone. 

But after mobile friendly Google algorithm update, almost each and every website is now displaying mobile version of websites to there users who are browsing from phone.

Even SolveMyHow shows mobile optimized website to their users.

Disable mobile version website

Why big companies and bloggers are moving towards mobile optimized sites ?

I'm mean there must be a strong reason behind doing this right. Let me tell you the reason. The first reason is Google algorithm update.

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So from March 2015, the sites which are not fully mobile friendly will be penalized by google and people searching from mobile will be given mobile friendly sites first. So obviously if amazon's site is not mobile friendly then other eCommerce company would have been shown in the mobile search results.

P.S this won't affect when users is searching from desktop. So you only need to worry about this when you want traffic from mobile sites.

And the second and the most important reason is mobile optimized sites looks pretty good and user do not have to put efforts while navigating the sites.

The only cons in mobile optimized sites is sometimes developer reduce the functionality as it may not be supported on smaller screen. But all users are not same. Some users also want to see desktop sites on mobile right ?

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So in this tutorial we will see how to view the desktop version websites on your phone.

P.S some big websites like Facebook and Google already give option to switch from default mobile site to desktop version. But not every website gives this option. 

So what you can do at that time ? You have to take things in your hands and this is what we will see in the below mentioned tutorial.

There are mainly three main OS people are using.
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
So we will see how to turn off / disable mobile version of websites in all the OS.

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How to disable mobile version of a website on iPhone and iPad ?

Disabling the mobile version of a website on iPhone and iPad is pretty simple and easy. Since iOS 9, you can do it with the single touch.

You simply need to press share (the arrow) menu and then simply tap on "Request Desktop Site".

Disable mobile version website on iPhone iPad

This was the first method. The second method is even simpler.

If you don't like the above method then lets look at this beautiful iOS 9 method. Here you just need to long press the reload button and you will get the option "Request Desktop Site".

So simple tap on it and you will see the desktop version of website on you iPhone or iPad.

Now lets see how to do this in android OS.

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How to disable mobile version of a website on Android OS ?

Google makes viewing desktop version of websites in android device much simpler. You just need to open Google chrome and after that simple click on option from top-right corner.

Now simply click on "Request Desktop Site". That's all you need to do.

The only drawback of using default google chrome android browser is that it isn't permanently enable desktop view. When you quit the browser once and open again, it will show you mobile optimized sites.

Disable mobile version website on android

If you want to permanently turn off mobile version sites on android phone then you can read below mentioned tutorial.
So this was how to disable default mobile version of website on android OS. Now lets see how to do this in windows OS.

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How to disable mobile version of a website on windows OS ?

You can't disable mobile version of a website with windows phone's default browser i.e internet explorer.

But still you can do this by changing some settings. Lets see how to do this.

To configure this setting, 
Open  Internet Explorer >> More >> Settings >> Website preference and select mobile version.

Look at the snap shot below.

Disable mobile version website on windows

So with this you will be able to see desktop version websites in your windows mobile.

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Over To You :

So this was all about how to turn off or disable mobile version of a website on your iOS, android or windows phone

I hope this tutorial was clear enough. Though if you need any help or if you're facing any problem while disabling mobile version of website on your phone. You can drop your query in the comments below. I would love to answer you queries.

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