4 Awesome Apps To Help You Through Your JEE Mains

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JEE Main

If you are studying for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) then it can be a pretty tough time. Although the syllabus for the examination is quite similar to that of 12th standard, the competitiveness is way too high here.

JEE main exams

However, if you are aspiring for a technical career, JEE is your gate pass for any prestigious institute in India. 

Thus, getting as much help as you can with your exam preparations is a must for all JEE aspirants.

While most of you are already studying hard, you need to study smart too, in order to achieve a higher rank and your smart phone can be of immense help here! 


Well, today there are a number of apps that can help you prepare for JEE on the go. Study carefully, reach your JEE main exam centres at time and keep a cool head during the test to crack JEE with ease.

So, here are 4 must have apps for all JEE aspirants.

1) JEE Main Prep :-

Developed by Mingle Box, this app is a great resource for any JEE aspirant. The app offers you full syllabus for JEE, comprehensive lessons prepared by IIT and JEE toppers, a huge question bank and mock tests. 

With this app not only you can prepare yourself for the exam but also can check your progress by taking mock tests on regular basis. 

The app is compatible with any Android device, so you can get all these important lessons at your finger tips at any moment. This way you can prepare for your exam even when away from your books. 

You can download the app for free from Google Play Store

2) IIT JEE Previous Years Paper :-

As the name suggests this app is not only for JEE, but also for IIT aspirants. 

The app is developed by Silent Lab and offers previous years question papers with answers for both the highly competitive exams. You’ll get assistance for Maths, Physics and Chemistry here. 

You can attempt to solve the previous years’ questions and then compare your answers to the right ones to know your score. The great thing about this app is, it works equally great offline too; thus you do not need round the clock data connection. 

The user interface is really simple and anyone can handle it. You can download this app on your Android and Windows device for free.

3) IIT JEE Preparation & Coaching :-

Again another app that offers guidance for both IIT and JEE! The app developed by Meritnation offers all inclusive coaching lessons for JEE and IIT. 

The interactive user interface ensures totally support for your studies by offering lessons, mock tests and complete analysis of your progress. The greatest feature however is the virtual tutor interface, through which you can ask any question or explanation and get answer for the same. 

This app can be a great help in case you are studying on your own without any special instructor for the tests. Along with all this help, the app offers you the complete syllabus and other important details about JEE. 

You can download this app for free from Google Play Store.

4) IIT JEE - Formulae & Notes :-

This app is also developed by Meritnation and offers excellent help in terms of all theorems and formulas for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Formulas are crucial for all three subjects; however, most JEE aspirants find it extremely difficult to keep all the major formulas at the tip of their tongues.

The app offers easy to memorise points for all the formulas. The scientifically designed app helps is greater retention and easy recall. 

The app is compatible with your Android device and you can download it for free from Google Play Store.

Over To You :

So, these are the 4 awesome apps that can help you crack JEE with ease. Which one are your downloading today? Please do let us know in the comments below.

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