Get 1TB + 2GB Free Google Drive Space - Definitive Guide!

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Free google drive or g drive space

If you are using Google services since long then you might know that google offers 15GB free space with every account you create.

This 15GB you can use with your gmail, Google docs, Google drive, picasa etc.

free google drive space

Google offer lots of services and you can use your free 15GB with all these services. But what if you're short of space someday ?

Have you ever thought of that ?

Ofcourse you can buy or upgrade you space by paying some bucks to Google but why you wanted to do that when you can get free google drive space.

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So in this brief tutorial we will see how to get 1TB + 2GB free google drive storage.

What is google drive (g drive) ?  

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. It allows users to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators - Wikipedia.

So this was the simple and easiest definition of g drive. This is pretty easy to use. You can share your files and documents with your friends and colleagues very easily but just upto 15GB.

Google Drive :- Access your documents from anywhere, at any place and at any time.

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15GB data may not be sufficient for everyone and specially for those who wanted to send large files. So they can either get the free google drive space with the trick I'm sharing in this tutorial or they can also upgrade their plan by paying $1.99 for 100GB / month and $9.99 for 1TB / month.

But I must say its worth paying as g drive is one of the secure cloud storage company.

So this was all about what is Google drive. You can also watch this amazing 5 minutes video to know more about it.

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How to use google drive ? 

Using Google drive is not a rocket science. Anybody who knows how to operate computer can use g drive very easily.

It has amazing drag & drop facility. You can create new folder and click on upload button to upload your documents.

We will see one complete tutorial on how to use google drive soon. But for know you can get started by visiting :-

You can start uploading your files now if you haven't done it yet. 

You can also check google's official guide on how to get started with Google drive,

But for now lets stick to this tutorial and lets see how to increase google drive space for free.

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How to get free google drive storage?

As I said above, you will get the chance to get free 1TB + 2GB more storage on google drive. So I have shared both the tricks below. Just go through it one by one and get you free google drive storage.

1. Security check up bonus for free 2GB g drive space :

Yes you can earn 2GB free google drive space by doing almost nothing. All you need to do is to visit google security settings and fill the feedback form.

They will ask you questions regarding google security and it will just take 3-5 minutes max. So visit today.

Note : Google gives this offer only on Safer Internet Day (Feb 9). I have used this offer twice, look at the snap shot below.

free google drive storage

You can put this date on your Google calendar for reminder.

You can also read google official blog post on this.

2. Earn Massive 1TB Google Drive space by contributing on Google Maps :

Yes, you heard it right. You can get massive 1TB free Google drive storage for free but this isn't as simple as it looks.

To get 1TB free google cloud storage you have to clear couple of levels. These all are explained below.

The first step to participate in this game is to update latest version on Google maps in your android or iPhone.

Now you will notice one contribution option in the latest version of the app. So you have to contribute as a local guide in this particular app. The more you contribute, the more benefit you'll get.

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Total there are 5 levels. Each level unlocks by completing various points. So, ultimately your goal should be to get more points.

Lets see the levels,

Level 1 (0 - 4 Points) : Level 1 is pretty easy. You just need 4 points to unlock level 2. In this, your contest is to think about new google devices.

Level 2 (5 - 49 Points) : When you successfully unlocks level 2, you will get early access to new google products and features.

Level 3 (50 - 199 Points) : When you clear this level, you will show up in the Google maps with your official local guide badge.

Level 4 (200 - 499 Points) : By clearing level 4, you will get free 1TB Google Drive space. I guess this is the only level you care about the most right :)

Level 5 (500+ Points) : This is the last level. So if you come in level 5 category, you will get a chance to attend inaugural summit. Here you will also get a chance to meet other local guides from different countries of the world.

So if you reach to level 4, you will get free google drive upgrade which will be valid for 2 years. You can read official google post.

You can also see the "official google local guide" 2 minutes video to understand this more closely.

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Over To You :

So this was all about google drive free space. I hope you enjoyed this definite guide on how to get free google drive storage.

Do you know any other methods to get free cloud storage ? If yes, then do share it with my readers in the comments below. After all "sharing is sexy" right ?

Can you do us a favour by sharing this guide with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. For ease, you can shoot social media buttons below.

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