What Song Is This: Find A Song Without Knowing Lyrics


what song is this/what is the name of this song.

The technology has completely changed in 21st century. It was almost impossible to find a song without knowing the lyrics in 90's but now you can easily find music though you don't know the lyrics. Isn't that amaze you ?


Yes there are couple of music finder / song finder apps in the market which let you know the song name and details. They also let you record the song you might heard somewhere and search in their database. After that they will give you the real track of song with all the details.

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This is really exiting. I must recommend you to try atleast one app and do this by yourself. You'll really have fun.

Few days back when I was driving to the restaurant with friends and some beautiful music was playing on the FM radio station. I would love to buy copy of the song but unfortunately I didn't get the lyrics.

So how do you find the name of that song ?

"what is the name of this song ? I don't remember the lyrics"

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What Is The Name Of This Song :

Finding songs without lyrics on search engines like google and bing won't be much useful. They are only useful when you atleast remember couple of words of that song or music band. Else search engine won't be able to help you.

So how to identity that beautiful song ?

Well now a days, there are some best music recognition apps are available in the market which helps you to discover the song names without having to know the lyrics. You can use these apps to identify music playing on radio, TV or DVD playing in the bar.

I have categorized song identifier technique into 5 parts mentioned below. You can use any of them to identify the song.

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1) Find Music With Mobile Phone App :

1) Shazam :-
Shazam is a mobile application that will help you to find a song name from your android, iPhone, windows phone or blackberry.

This app is very accurate and works really good on all mobile platforms. Just open shazam app and hold it near by song. After that just hit the tag button to let shazam identify the song for you.

Note :- shazam will only work with record music not with live performances.

Shazam free version of app will allow you to identify only 5 songs per month but if you want unlimited song search version then you have to pay $4.99. But its really worth paying app. At initial level you may give it a free try :)

Visit :- http://www.shazam.com/music/web/pages/getshazam.html

2) MusicID : 
MusicID is a iPhone app used to identify the song name. Just hold your iPhone to some music and music id will tell you the song name.

Its available on iTunes and you can buy it for $3.

Its works similar as shazam but this is the good alternative of it.

Visit :- http://musicid2.com/

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2) Find Song Name By Recording It : 

1) Midomi :
Midomi is an amazing app that let you record the song to identify it. So if you have tune of that song and its stuck in your head, just grab a microphone and sang it and midomi will tell you what song is this.

If you do not want to record the song then simply play that song in near of midomi app and it will tell you the song name. 

Midomi has web version too. So you can visit the website and sang a song for 10 seconds and it will give you the best matching results. For better recording keep you system volume in green and avoid background noises.

Midomi also offers android, iPhone, nokia and blackberry apps.

P.S :- You don't have to pay anything to use it. Its free.

Visit :- http://www.midomi.com/

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3) Record A Short Clip To Identify Music :

1) AudioTag :
If you have the short snippet of song on you computer or phone then you can use audio tag music recognition app to find the exact song.

You can either upload some part/snippet of the song or the whole song and audio tag will find the exact match of that song by comparing it with the other songs in it database.

For better results just upload the middle portion of the song or the whole song. So audio tag iteself take snippet and identify the song.

Visit :- http://audiotag.info/

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4) Identify Song With Help Of Humans :

1) WatZatSong :
When all the above methods failed to identify your song then you can take help from human beings who might have idea about that song.

WatZatSong (what's that song ) is a social site where you can upload short audio file and let other people find/identify the song name for you. The answers/suggestions won't came instantly but you can provide as much as details you have about that particular song.

You are allowed to share your WatZatSong request with your social media colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and linkedin. So in this way entire social network will help you out to identify that particular song.

Visit :- http://www.watzatsong.com/EN/

2) Name My Tune :
Simply record or sang a short clip of song that you're looking for. After that enter genre and era of that song that you think the song most likely fits in.

They will email you when other people on the site would able to recognize your song.

Visit :- http://www.namemytune.com/nmt.asp

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5) Use Virtual Keyboard To Find A Song Name :

1) MusicPedia :
With musicpedia you can either search song by using virtual keyboard or by actually singing the song on your computer using microphone.

MusicPedia is pretty good in finding classical music. Unlike shazan and other mobile apps, it won't only give you the exact match but all the songs which contains your melody that you recorded either by singing or via virtual keyboard.

Visit :- http://www.musipedia.org/

2) MelodyCatcher:
If you are an expert of playing melody on virtual keyborad then melody catcher will help you to find the exact match of song.

This is simple java based onscreen keyboard. You can use your mouse click to enter the nodes of virtual keyboard. After that click on search and melody catcher will give you the songs that matched with your melody.

You don't need to enter all the nodes, only 5-7 nodes usually will be sufficient to identify a song.

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So these were the 5 techniques which let you know what song is this. I hope you found this tutorial worth reading and helpful.

Do you need any help ? Please shoot your queries and question in the comments below. I would be love to answer it :)

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