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Are you a game lover or do you love to play free online games ? Then this post will help to find top 10 amazing websites to play free online games.


We all know online games are really addictive. The online gaming fashion starts after Facebook. People sends requests to their friends or invite their friends to play online games such as candy rush etc.

People really get live gaming experience as such they itself are playing those games. One really needs to play games daily to give comfort to his/her mind. According to me games are the best source to give calm to our mind.

But you must be thinking its really impossible to store hundreds of games on your computer or mobile phone right. 

So in this post you will get the top 10 best places to play free online games.

You will find variety of games to play online on these websites such as,
  • Action games
  • Sports games
  • Racing games
  • Shooting games etc.
As taste differ from person to person. Many people also love to play mind games or puzzle games. So these websites also have such 2 categories. Kindly stumble upon all 10 websites mentioned below to play free online games.

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Play Free Online Games :

1) Addicting Games :
Addicting games comes on number 1 spot on the list. Its the most amazing website to play online games for free. It contains almost all game categories such as,
  • Strategy
  • Car
  • Shooting
  • Sports
  • Action
  • Puzzle 
  • Funny
  • Zombie
This is unique website and I recommend you to explore it once.


You can also search games through search box and you can also invite you Facebook friends to play games online on addicting games. For that you just have to login on addicting games via Facebook. 

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It also has "what's hot" category where you will find most of the hottest games running now. You can also stumble upon "multiplayer" games with your friends.

Visit :-

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2) Funtoosh :-
Funtoosh is one of the popular website to play free online games. In addition to the games you will also find some amazing and funny stuff on funtoosh such as,
  • Jokes
  • SMS Jokes
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Visual Jokes
You must check "visual Jokes" specially. Its really an unique category they have. They have created amazing GIF's which will make you LOL.


Visit :-

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3) Mini Clip :-
Mini clip is the another best website for game lovers. It offers you around 700 online games to play for absolutely free. It has many game unique categories as compare to other websites such as,
  • Pool
  • Tanki
  • Sports
  • Stunt
  • Racing
You can explore more games by visiting miniclip. The most amazing thing about mini clip is you can also select your country and play online games with your country people.

It also has "top 10 web games" category where you will find top 10 mini clip games. It is a must visit website.


Visit :-

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4) Armor games :-
Armor game is the most frequently updating game website. It already have 500+ game collection with some unique games. Every week new games are added on armor games to play them online for absolutely free.


You can visit armor games and stumble new game categories such as,
  • Mobile
  • MMO
  • Adventures
  • Misc
  • Sports
  • Action
  • Basketball
Visit :-

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5) Kongregate :-
Koongregate is a nice place to play online games with your friends. By visiting kongregate you can select your game and play it online.

It has huge collection of games as other websites. The only thing I don't like about kongregate is their UI (user interface). Its pretty poor and not user friendly. They must need to work on it.

Visit :-

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6) Free online games (FOG) :-
FOG is pretty huge online game directory. You can visit and stumble upon some amazing new games and play them online for free.


It has some new and unique games categories such as,
  • Defense games
  • Driving games
  • Flying games
  • Adventures games
  • Sports games
I recommend you to visit this site atleast once. 

It also has "most played games" category which tells you the games which are mostly played on FOG. You can also explore "top rated games" by FOG users. 

P.S you can login with Facebook and you can also select you language.

Visit :-

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7) Candy Stand :-
Candy stand is great site to play online games for free. You can also win prizes on candy stand just by playing games.

It includes categories such as card games, arcade games, etc.

Visit :-

8) Game house :-
Game house is a free online portal to play games for free. You can play as well as download games from game house.

It has PC games category as well as online games. You can visit and explore more game house.

Visit :-

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9) Big Fish :-
Big fish is also a great website to play online games for free. It contains some amazing categories such as,
  • PC games
  • MAC games
  • Android games,
  • iPhone or iOS games
Android and iPhone users must visit big fish. You can also download games for big fish.

Visit :-

10) Game node :-
Game node is amazing website to play free online games. You can play different types of games such as,
  • Action
  • Shooting
  • Racing
  • Arcade
You can also submit a game.

Visit :-

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Over To You :

So these were the top 10 websites to play free online games. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and worth reading. 

Which website you like the most from the above 10 ? Please do write you review in the comments below. I would love to have your feedback.

Do you know any other best free online games website to play free online games ? Please comment below.

Do shoot social media buttons below to share this post with your social media friends. I will appreciate your help.

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