15+ Amazing Sites To Send Large Files For Free

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sites to send large files

Have you ever tried to send large files online or via email and got the error message "File is too large in size and you can send it with your email attachment" ? 

Generally you only got 2 options to send big files over internet. One is by attaching it with your mail and another option you got is by uploading your file on one of the hosting service and then share the link with recipient.

You can't send files/videos/documents size more than 25 MB. Even the giants email service providing companies such as Gmail, yahoo and hotmail allows you to share 25 MB max file size at a time.

So what to do this case ? How to transfer big files or how to send large files online for free ?

Are you in this kind of situation before where you wanted to share file/video or photo album having size in GB's ? Even Facebook allows you to upload and send files with max size 25 MB.

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So there is no solution except using free hosting services. I have shared some of the best 15+ big file transfer sites which allows free file upload. You can use them to easily send large files to anyone for free. So, lets quickly see all the sites.

In case if you missed our previous tutorial. I recommend you to read it first. It will show you how you can send large files, videos and photos to your friends over internet.
Now lets see the list of sites that allows to send large files for free.

15+ Excellent Sites To Send Large Files For Free :

All the sites mentioned below are manually selected sites. I have used them all personally and that's why I am recommending you to use. In case if you're in hurry and don't want to use them all. In this case give a try to top 5 sites from the below mentioned list.

1) Google Drive :
Google Drive is the cloud service providing company by Google. There tag line itself explains everything.

Access anything from anywhere, at any place, at any time.

When you create your account with Google, you will get free 15GB space which you can use to upload big file and share it with your clients.

When you upload anything on Google Drive you will get the shareable link. This link you can share with the people whom you wanted to download your stuff. You can set the read/write privacy too on your documents.

Over all you must give it a try.

Visit :- https://drive.google.com/drive/

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2) One Drive :
Just link Google Drive, One Drive allows you to transfer big files free. It is founded by Microsoft. The UI is pretty clean and one can use it very easily.

Just link Google Drive, One Drive allows you to upload 15 GB of data for free. The main reason for using One Drive is you can easily share your uploaded content with just one "share" button.

Visit :- https://onedrive.live.com/

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3) Dropbox :
Dropbox is the most famous cloud based company. It allow you to upload 2 GB data. You can easily share this data with other dropbox users. You can also give them read/write permission. You can also share the link with the people who don't have dropbox account.

Means one can download you stuff though they don't have dropbox account. The UI is pretty clean and attractive.

You must give it a try.

Visit :- https://www.dropbox.com

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4) Transfer Big Files :
Transfer Big Files is an amazing file transfer service available. You can upload 20 GB of data for free. Just visit the site and create your free account.


After that you are allowed to upload files or folders directly. Look at the snap shot above. The UI is pretty clean and easy to use. Once files are uploaded you can add recipient email address to directly email large files.

You can also share link manually via other social mediums. You may also password protect your files.

Visit :- https://www.transferbigfiles.com/

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5) We Transfer :-
We Transfer is another great tool to send large files online of free. You can upload 20GB of data and share 2 GB of file at a time.

Its a great tool and I personally used to use it several times. The UI and features of We Transfer are pretty amazing. You can directly email files to recipient or you can also share uploaded file link on various other social media sites such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, etc.


You can also upgrade your free account to We Transfer Plus account to get more storage space.

Visit :- https://www.wetransfer.com/

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6) Send This File :
Send This File is the securest file uploading site. Send This File is creating by using Java language so backend of this site is pretty hard to break. So the data you upload is safe. 

If you are doing business online and want more safety then you can definitely go with this tool. It allows 15 days free trial. You can upload 50 GB of data.

Visit :- https://www.sendthisfile.com/index.jsp

7) Mail Big File :
As per the name you will get everything. Mail Big File is pretty popular site to send large files online. You can upload 20 GB of data. You can share 2 GB file at a time. More over you can upload 5 files at a time. 

While just like other file uploading sites, it also allows you to email/send files directly to recipient.

Visit :- http://free.mailbigfile.com/

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8) Files To Friends :
Files To Friends is another free file upload tool. It comes with 2 packages i.e free and premium. In Free pack you are allowed to upload 1 GB of data.

You can upload 10 files at a time but make sure file size does not exceeds 1 GB. You can email your file to 5 recipients at a time directly from this tool.


Once you upgrade to premium version of this tool. You will get many pro things such as you transfer 5 GB of data and many more benefits. Look at the snap shot above.

Visit :- https://www.filestofriends.com/ 

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9) WiKi Send :
WiKi Send is another famous tool to send medium size files. You can share upto 100 MB files easily with your clients.


You don't need to create account. Just visit the site and upload the file and share the link with your friends.

Visit :- http://wikisend.com/

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10) Securely Send :
Securely Send mostly focus on security of the files you upload. From the moment you upload the file and till the moment recipient downloaded the file it is fully secured.


You can upload 2 GB of file and share it with your friends and clients.

Visit :- http://www.securelysend.com/

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11) High Tail :
High tail allows you to upload 2 GB of files and let you share file size of 250 MB.

Visit :- https://www.hightail.com/

12) Titan File :
Titan File is basically a paid tool but you can use it free for 30 days. You can get 30 days free trail.

Visit :- https://www.titanfile.com/

13) Stream File :
You can share 300 MB file with Stream File.

Visit :- http://streamfile.com/

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14) Mediafire :
Mediafire is most famous file sharing tool. It allow you to send files with 1 GB size.

Visit :- http://www.mediafire.com/

15) Drop Send :
Drop Send is another free tool to send large files for free. You can send 8GB files for free. Your file transfer procedure is secure with 256 AES encryption.

Visit :- http://dropsend.com/

16) Send Space :
Send Space is another free service to send large file to anyone for free. You can drag and drop the files or simply click on browse button to upload large files.

The maximum file size limit is 300 MB. The site's UI is pretty clean and attractive. You must use it once.

Visit :- https://www.sendspace.com/

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Over To You :

So these were the most amazing sites to send large files for free. If you are still wondering "how to send large files online" then you should probably stop thinking as the above mentioned sites are pretty selected ones out of 100 sites. 

By using these sites you can easily send large videos files and other media files like images, documents etc.

Do let me know which one is your favorite site from the above list. Is it Google drive, One drive, Dropbox or any other site. Do you know other site which I may have missed in the above list ? Please do let us know in the comments below.

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