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How many times you had seen many offers available only for country specific people or only for US resident people ? 

You might had also experienced few websites can't be access by everyone but only by US resident people. So what you feel at that time ? How badly you wanted that offer or how badly you wanted to access those sites ?

You might be thinking for a reasonable solution at that particular period of time right. So in this post we will talk about that solution which let you avail those offers and also let you access all the sites though they are available for US people only.

The solution is pretty simple and short. You just need a random name, address, email id and credit card number. So in this post I'll let you know how you can generate random name and all other stuffs for free.

This is pretty simple and you don't need any technical knowledge for that. So just keep calm and read the below mentioned tutorial to get random address, name, email id and credit card numbers etc.

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How To Generate Random Name, Address, email id and Credit Card Numbers :

There is one tool called "fake name generator" which generates random names, address and credit card numbers. There is also another tool called "Credit Card Assist" which generates random credit card numbers from multiple providers.

So, you can use this tool to generate fake name, fake address, fake email id and fake credit card numbers to avail free services.

Visit :- http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/

When you are on the homepage of this site you will be allowed to select "gender", "name set" and "country". Look at the snap shot below.


After that simply click on "generate" button. Now it will show you some additional details such as Fake phone number, fake email id, address, website, birthday, age, weight, height, password, etc. 

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Look at the snap shot below,


They will provide each and every information which let you look alike real "fake person". I'm pretty impressed with their work and I'm sure you will get too.

While clicking on the "generate" button you will also find "advanced option" where you can also set person's age. So it has one additional feature for fake age setting.


So this is all about fake name generator tool. Well fake information can be very useful in many cases such as,
  • While creating fake paypal account for testing purpose (for developers use).
  • You can access several sites which are officially available for US people only.
  • You can avail many offers too.
  • Singing up on many forums sites is pretty difficult for foreigners while its pretty simple for US resident people. So by using this fake information you can easily create account on those sites.
  • Sometimes you may need to hide/avoid giving your personal information. In those cases this tool is very useful.
  • You may reply those fraud emails (hope you understand what I'm saying).
  • Generated credit card numbers can be use for client-server validations too.
I hope you found above information useful.

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How does FakeNameGenerator generates those identities ?

Your mind might be asking this question to you at this time right.

Name :- The name is selected from the one billion combination of first name and last name from the public domain sources.

Street Address :- Street numbers are randomly generated while address is fake or it may never exist.

State, City and Postal Code :- They have database for that and its generated randomly from their database. State, City and Postal Code must be in order and need to be correct.

Telephone Number :- Telephone numbers can be real or randomly generated 10 digit number. The real number are workable while fake numbers are just to bluff.

Credit Card Numbers :- They use Graham King's PHP credit card number generator script to generate random credit card numbers. These credit card numbers are fake but syntax valid.

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So this was all about how to generate random names, addresses, email id's and credit card numbers. I hope you found this tool interesting and worth using.

Do let me know if you have any doubt regarding this post and tool. Do you know any other such tools which generates random things ? If yes, then do write about it in the comments below. I would be really glad to know about it.

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